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    Prometheus Lights - The Showcase Gallery

    Your NRA Blue Alpha Blue is truly a beauty. Thank you for letting us see it and for your personal message. Kind regards.
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    Sold/Expired FS: Prometheus Blue Label Alpha Stone Wash with Maker's Choice kit MCE 4500K ...

    Same are currently not accessible with my account.
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    Very Picky - looking for a compact EDC light

    Jason's Prometheus Beta-QR in copper can be pre-ordered on his website for April delivery for $75. I have it in a two-mode EN, but the copper has three brightness settings. Very nice little light.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I'd love to see a photo of your Alpha Blue/blue cerakote. Thanks.
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    New SureFire products for 2014

    The Surefire M6LT-B (1,200 lumens) is currently showing up on the B&H website for $318.50 as a possible new release down the road.
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    New SureFire products for 2014

    The U2 Ultra remains my favorite light that I use around the house. I don't know, it just suits me. Sure, I'd like more out the front, but I use what is there and with no complaints.
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    Why are there no larger lithium primaries than CR123A's and AA's?

    I have thought the same thing. My Streamlight Siege area lights are powered by D size batteries or AA with spacers, and I would definitely use lithium primaries if they were manufactured.
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    Prometheus Lights ....

    Thanks for that information. If I order the Alpha RM, I'll order the flat-top AW 18650 at the same time. This would be my first experience with an 18650 cell, so I'm trying to do things right.
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    Prometheus Lights ....

    O.K. and thanks for the information.
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    First purchase 2014?

    Prometheus Beta-QR (EN)
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    My first decent light just arrived, Sunwayman d40a nw :)

    xellz, the d40a looks like a well made compact thrower. I hope you get much enjoyment from it. Have a great day...and night!
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    HDS 219B or a Prometheus Lights Alpha Blue Label 219B?

    Thanks for getting back to me. That would be my choice, too. I hope it's already in the mail to you. Have a great day.
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    HDS 219B or a Prometheus Lights Alpha Blue Label 219B?

    Neutralwhite, I see that illumination supply offers the HDS-219B-170-LE in two back ordered versions. If you don't mind me asking, which version did you order? I'm very interested in this 219B HDS. Thanks.
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    Prometheus Lights ....

    AZPops, do you happen to use the flat-top AW 18650 2900mAh protected cell that Jason sells in your new light? Thanks.
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    Prometheus Lights: AAA Beta-QR LIVE on Kickstarter

    And I wish I had ordered the Cu version before Jason sold out.
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    Prometheus Lights: AAA Beta-QR LIVE on Kickstarter

    Yes, mine does the same thing.
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    Prometheus Lights ....

    Barefootone, I ordered the Nano-Oil from Jason when I purchased the little Beta-QR. I like the way the lubricant is packaged; it allows for precise and minimal distribution of the product onto the thread surface. Excellent product. Thanks again.
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    Prometheus Lights ....

    Barefootone, that's good information and much appreciated.
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    Prometheus Lights ....

    Thanks very much for that information...most helpful. Again, enjoy your new Alpha RM.