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    Potential silicon annode breakthrough

    Using recently discovered polyrotaxanes (mechanically interlocked molecules) as a durable binder than can withstand volumetric changes: Mike
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    Test/review of Ebat 26650 5000mAh E7-26P50 (Black)

    Thanks, I'm on the notify list (probably one of many). Mike
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    Batteries in Remote - 4xAAA - only one always drains completely, is that normal?

    If you have a weak battery the other batteries will run it down quick and even reverse its polarity as happened to Chris. I would trash the one that keeps getting discharged. Even better if you have an analyzer and can test capacity and internal resistance. Mike
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    Test/review of Ebat 26650 5000mAh E7-26P50 (Black)

    Is the Shockli available in the US at a reasonable price? Mike
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    Test/review of Ebat 26650 5000mAh E7-26P50 (Black)

    Nice review. I'm glad to see a lot of honest ratings in recent months. Mike
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    Batteries in Remote - 4xAAA - only one always drains completely, is that normal?

    Can you tell the connection of the battery holder? Are Is there an intermediate voltage tap (possibly for maintaining memory)? Any chance the batteries are old and mismatched? Do you have a way to measure capacity and internal resistance? Mike
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    Unwrapping 2x18650 batteries connected in series

    It is GREEN but it looks blue to me. ;) Mike
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    Re: GearBest New Arrivals (2017 update)

    Re: GearBest New Arrivals (2015.7.30 update) Question on the ZanFlare F6: I have two, the whistle does not work on one of them. As a 46 yo man I can barely hear the good one but my 35yo girlfriend screamed from downstairs that it sounded like a dentist's drill. I noticed the thin insert in...
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    ARC lenses: how to tell which side is coated?

    I ordered some arc coated lenses and my old eyes are having trouble telling which side has the AR coating. Any pointers/tricks? Mike
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    Has Your "Taste" In Lights Changed With Time

    I gained an appreciation of s coolish Neutral White (around 5.0-5.2k or so). The 6.5k+ will get you the advertising lumens and allow you to signal the mothership with the eerie green glow. Mike
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    Need a new scorpion hunting light

    Another vote for the convoy. The bark scorpion who made a finger tip numb for 2 years glows bright green not blue. Might be a species or post-mortem difference. I'm a little afraid to take the Convoy camping here in Arizona. I go straight into stomp mode when I see big spider eyes glowing...
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    Your Thoughts on Pelican's 7600 ...

    I regret buying my Pelican 2360. Hi is very bright but low has really bad low-frequency PWM that actually appears to flicker like a candle to my brain/retina. On the otherhand it is very well built/tough. Might be a candidate for modding.
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    Is there any disadvantage to using high drain 18650's in lower drain LED lights?

    I would say no harm in using them given you own them but if you are shopping for batteries you are better off prioritizing capacity over drain characteristics for low-drain applications. Mike
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    Test/review of TangsFire TS18350 1200mAh (Gray)

    So the old recommendation to avoid "Fire" brands seems to stand :) Mike
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    LifePO4 without BMS / Balance connectors

    Basically undervolting in a battery can allow minor unbalancing to occur without overdriving the higher voltage cells--until the next manual check and manual re-balancing. There have been several writeups by RV and boat folks on the web, mostly using alternator/regulator setups that are not...