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  1. LupinIII

    What would you buy? Money not an issue.

    My list of crazy expensive wants: Mr. Bulk Chameleon (Ti and Damascus) Tain Zenith (Ti and Damascus) Mac Tri-EDC (Cu and Damascus) Cool Fall Spy Tri-V2 SWGG Someday . . .
  2. LupinIII

    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    I saw that too - was curious what the heck kind of huge light that was so thanks for the background. He could take out a few walkers just swinging that light around.
  3. LupinIII

    The light you haven't bought?

    For me, it's the: Fenix TA21 - I really like my control ring lights. Add to that the ability to use 18650's, a wide range of output levels, and an overall cool looking light, and I should have one on the way already. It hasn't called to me as much as others though. Fenix MC10 - I've always...
  4. LupinIII

    $30 Ra clicky. ;)

    This really made me laugh. Whenever I get a new flashlight, knife, pack, or other assorted gear, if my girlfriend notices it, this is how our conversations typically go: Girlfriend: Is that a new flashlight? Me: *sheepishly* No . . . I've always had this light . . . Girlfriend: No you...
  5. LupinIII

    Camping Light Observation

    I've found that when I go outdoors, my light of choice is whatever I have on my Fenix headband - typically an L2D CE. Having both hands to work is very convenient, and using a light with some flexible output levels is great. How did you use the A1? Did you use it to get around and leave the...
  6. LupinIII

    List the BEST/WORST flashlight purchases you have made.

    Best purchases for me have included the bulk of my lights, from my first nice torch (a few years ago) - Fenix L2D - to my latest - Surefire E1B. In between there have been more Fenix and Surefire in addition to some Nitecore and Jetbeams. In between, I've also had a few lights that were not my...
  7. LupinIII

    Surefire 6PD Attacks... Me

    I agree that these crenulated bezels can be dangerous. I just received my E2DL, and cut myself carelessly not more than 5 minutes after opening it for the first time. I also have a crenulated 6P on the way, hope I can avoid similar woes. Glad you're okay.
  8. LupinIII

    How Many Lights Have You Bought For February 2010 so far?

    Only 1 so far, a Fenix E20. But if my registering for this site, and the amount of time I spend reading about flashlights is any indication, I'm confident that March will see quite a few new lights.