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  1. xcandrew

    Headlamp Porn (Night Orienteering)

    Haven't looked up night O on youtube in a while, so I just found this. It's really nice, lots of big headlamps on fast O runners, complete with drone shots. Besides orienteering folks, it should also be interesting for trail runners who run at night and headlamp geeks alike...
  2. xcandrew

    Just picked up a Princeton Tec EOS

    I stopped by REI today to see if there was anything interesting on sale. I was mainly looking for xc ski pants and running shoes, but came home with this. I had inquired about it in the LED forum two or three weeks ago, but apparently no one had seen it yet. I was just at the store the other day...
  3. xcandrew

    Princeton Tec EOS

    I was flipping through the new Backpacker magazine in the library today and saw an ad for this headlamp. It looks like an Aurora with a single 1 watt LED instead of 3 small ones. I like what I read... 3 AAA, 3 brightness levels, 2 hrs regulated light on high down to 44 hrs on low. I really...
  4. xcandrew

    Black Diamond Soliras for skiing/orienteering?

    I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive headlamp for cross country skiing and night orienteering. Traditionally, people use 20W lights like the Milas and Silvas shown here (lethro sport) and here at the Silva webpage (look at 478). I believe that there is a 20W limit for orienteering...