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  1. rwolfenstein


    I have been looking at different brand names to see if I could find something different. I am looking at a Jetbeam product, specifically the Raptor RRT03 which has multicolor settings and has a magnetic ring for switching modes. I also saw its duel fuel. I guess the only thing I am stuck on is...
  2. rwolfenstein

    Can you ID this flashlight?

    I was watching cops and I am curious what light this is. I thought Nebo but I can't find anything thar matches.
  3. rwolfenstein

    Surefire VTAC L4

    So I recently added a Surefire VTAC L4 to my collection, I guess I am wondering because there is so little information on it, is it only intended to be mounted like a scout light? Granted its a great idea, a single output thrower in an E series.
  4. rwolfenstein


    I have read quite a bit about this brand, but what makes it so special and why is it unheard of except here? I saw their lights are customizable and they run about 150.
  5. rwolfenstein

    Blackhawk Flashlights

    I know there is a thread for show me your surefire lights. I wonder how many blackhawk light collectors are out there?
  6. rwolfenstein

    Maglite came out with a new tactical light Maglite came out with a new light, any thoughts?
  7. rwolfenstein


    It almost seems like yesterday when they debut their new high candela lights. Set to be released first quarter, which has come and gone. I am sad, anyone else feeling the same?
  8. rwolfenstein

    Foursevens Quark Smart

    I have left the quark smart with rechargeable olight cells in it and by golly today I went to turn it on and the batteries were dead. Once I had the cells charged up, I saw that the light has a flash on the side button to give you an idea of where its at in the dark. I would care to wonder if...
  9. rwolfenstein

    Specialty batteries

    This is more a rant than anything else. There is nothing more frustrating than some companies who make lights that are not duel fuel and make proprietary custom batteries. Olight and fenix are good examples. Basically when they stop making the battery the light is worthless.
  10. rwolfenstein


    What do you all think of Nitecore branded products? How do they hold up over time?
  11. rwolfenstein

    Best AA edc flashlight?

    After now using a fenix E12 for a bit, I love it. However I wonder what is your guys best edc AA flashlight?
  12. rwolfenstein

    I am now hooked on foursevens

    I recently found a new in package quark smart. I am running some olight rcr123s in it and honestly I can't be happier. I am tempted to buy another, I am sure I can get some support for that!?
  13. rwolfenstein

    Fenix E12 V2

    Anyone have one? Thoughts on them or Fenix in general?
  14. rwolfenstein

    Sold/Expired WTB Surefire 9P

    Looking for a surefire 9P. Just putting out feelers if someone wants to part with theirs.
  15. rwolfenstein


    I am not familiar with Foursevens (4sevens). How does this compare to Fenix and Olight? I've seen a couple of their lights and I'm intrigued.
  16. rwolfenstein


    I will throw this up here. I am looking for replacement drop ins (xenon or LED) for the Pentagonlight X3. I guess if I came across a Pentagonlight X1 with some spare bulbs, I would also be super interested. Thanks!
  17. rwolfenstein

    Pentagonlight X3

    I was wandering a gun show today and I found two unopened Pentagonlight X3 flashlights. I cracked the seal, threw in some CR123a's and away we went! I guess I didn't think far enough ahead for replacement lamps and it appears to be the same diameter as the surefire 8AX lamp. While its a cool...
  18. rwolfenstein

    Surefire Accessories

    As of late, I have noticed that surefire isnt really pumping out the accessories like they used to. There are no flashlight holsters for the R1 lawman and no clicky style tailcaps to purchase. Anyone surmise as to why?