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  1. irsa76

    Automotive H2 halogen bulbs.

    I recently accquired a couple of pairs of vintage Cibie aux lights, a pair of 175 Ceasar spot lights and a pair of Oscar Plus driving lights. These old Cibie take H2 bulbs, which are pretty much impossible to get hold of. I was able to get my hands on some blue tinted, "for ultra white...
  2. irsa76

    Automotive Tried and tested light intstall, upgrading from LED to halogen!

    After many years of faffing about I've finally upgraded the lighting on my Citroen. The OE halogen lights are extremely good, on low beam. However high beam is lacking, not surprising really since how often do most people actually use highbeam? First step in the upgrade was replacing the...
  3. irsa76

    Automotive Hella FF200 DRIVING light, any good?

    Noticed this auction on...
  4. irsa76

    Automotive SEV Marchal 950-NOS forsale.

    Not sure where to put this, was having a look at a local automotive parts retailer's online store this morning and came across this listing: They used to be a Cibie distributor, I bought my Oscar SCs from them in 1997, and still have a bit of old...
  5. irsa76

    Automotive New Lightforce light-Venom

    Just had this pop up on my facebook: Not sure what to say really. Not expecting much to be honest.
  6. irsa76

    Automotive Experiment:HID retrofit into highbeam.

    Disclaimer: Technically speaking this modification is ILLEGAL in most areas and was performed purely for information gathering purposes. Extremely limited testing was performed on public roads and the kit has been removed from the vehicle. It is up to you as an individual to decide if you wish...
  7. irsa76

    Automotive LED aux(driving) lights, genuine alternative to halogen/HID?

    Dilemma, I need more light for my Citroen, I do lots of night driving in areas with alot of kangaroos and not much traffic. Would something like a 20" Rigid industries SR series lightbar, in spread/spot combo, be a genuine, usuable, alternative to a pair of traditional Hella Rallye 4000 in a...
  8. irsa76

    Automotive Fyrlyt, all hype no substance? Can anyone make any actual, technical, sense out of that site? I'm interested in the lights but I smell alot of early Lightforce style hype/bashing of the competition. I'm especially dubious of the ability to change from spot to spread beam simply by repositioning the bulb...
  9. irsa76

    Automotive Hella MicroDE FOG lights

    Hella MicroDE fog lights. Simple question, are they any good? I know projector lights have a fairly tightly controlled beam which I would assume makes them ideal for foglights. One of my concerns with these lights is their small size, my previous foglights have been large, 150mm dia, which I...