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  1. Bucky

    Sold/Expired 12 Duracell Ultra 123A Batteries Sealed - No Longer Available

    12 Duracell Ultra 123A Batteries Sealed I have for sale 6 sets of 2 Duracell 123A batteries, 12 batteries total. All 12 batteries are sealed in the original package and have an expiration date of March 2017. $25 shipped in the U.S. PayPal only please. List Date: 12/27/2015 For more info...
  2. Bucky

    Sold/Expired HDS EDC Clicky 250 Custom Sapphire Black Body/Bezel/Clip/Flush & SureFire F04 Beamshaper Diffuser - No Longer Available

    HDS EDC Clicky 250 Custom Sapphire Black Body/Bezel/Clip/Flush & SureFire F04 Beamshaper Diffuser - No Longer Available HDS EDC Clicky 250 Custom Sapphire Black Body/Bezel/Clip/Flush & SureFire F04 Beamshaper Diffuser HDS 250 Custom with black bezel, black body, black HDS clip, and flush...
  3. Bucky

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Ti Ra Clicky with Unique Ti Clip

    **SOLD** I have for sale a Ti Ra Clicky in mint condition. I am the original owner of the light. Serial #10087. My understanding is that only 100 of these were produced back in 2009. The light has been fondled and carried a few times, but is basically brand new without any scratch or ding that...
  4. Bucky

    2003 SureFire Catalog says A2 yields 50 Lumens for 60 Minutes?

    Maybe this has been covered before on one or more of the recent A2 threads, but does 50 lumens for an hour sound right? The E2 gets 60 lumens for 75 minutes and the P60 gets 65 lumens for an hour, why the reduced output from the A2? I always thought that I had heard that the A2 output/runtime...
  5. Bucky

    $50.00 OFF 1-Day Only at TACTICAL WAREHOUSE!

    TACTICAL WAREHOUSE is offering $50.00 OFF any purchase of $250.00 or more, plus FREE SHIPPING through midnight on Friday, December 20th, 2002! This offer is not valid with any other coupons or special promotions. Limit one $50.00 OFF coupon per CPF Member. Shop on-line at...
  6. Bucky

    What ever happened to the Arc AAA Forum Light?

    There was a post about this quite a while ago. I think the majority of people wanted a blue or navy blue Arc AAA LE with some sort of laser inscribed "CPF Forum Light" or something to that effect. Last I remember, I THINK that Peter was going to test how well the blue HA worked out and get back...
  7. Bucky

    Does anyone have an E1/E2 beamshaper yet?

    Just wondering if anyone had picked up a beamshaper yet and if so, what the opinions were of it. I have been thinking about getting one, but I have never had a beamshaper and was wondering how well they worked. Thanks all, Bucky
  8. Bucky

    Botach Tactical Finally Shut Down For Good!!!!!!

    April Fools I wish though . . . . hey, someone had to do it, it only comes once a year . Bucky
  9. Bucky

    Just ordered my SureFire E2, but received an E1

    Yesterday I placed my order by phone for a Gun Metal SureFire E2 from A.S.P.I at . I ordered by phone because the E2 is not available on the website as of yet. About two weeks ago, I emailed seven popular online distributors of SureFire products (not Botach)to inquire...
  10. Bucky

    Automotive Anyone have fog/driving/off-road lights on their vehicle?

    A while back I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I mounted Hella 500 driving lights on the front without a brush bar. The set was only about $55, but those things were bright as can be. It was really unbelievable how bright they were, they were even far brighter than the high-beams. I can only...
  11. Bucky

    Surefire 6P/6Z/M2/D2 vs. Streamlight Scorpion

    I have posted this in the Surefire forum and I know that many have both a 6P-derivative light and a Scorpion and I was wondering what everyone here thinks about the two in comparison to each other as far as beam, whiteness of the light, and cost. Having just received my Streamlight Scorpion, I...