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    First Surefire?

    OK, so I'm from the U.S., and the idea of purchasing an American-made, high quality light appeals to me. But I am neither in the military nor in law enforcement, so I can appreciate but don't need the ultimate in durability. And Surefire's offering frankly have seemed a bit underwhelming when...
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    Of Your Lamps, Which is Your Favorite and Why?

    We all have different interests, tastes and uses, of course, so I'm just curious to see how we settle on that favorite lamp. My headlamp uses are: surgery (small animal veterinarian here); house maintenance projects; auto/boat maintenance; dog walking; camping; night time mountain biking. We...
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    I recently made a mistake naming the ZL SC62d as my best all-rounder. Headlamps are my go-to lighting device for most uses these days, be it work or recreation. My growing collection, in order of purchase: Energizer 3 LED Energizer 6LED Nitecore HC50 Zebralight H600F Black Diamond Spot Black...
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    Doc Ford, Flashaholic

    Anyone else a fan of Randy Wayne White's novels? In the latest, Doc professes a love for high-end LED's. He even refers to flashlight collecting as a hobby of his. Tomlinson naturally thinks Doc is a flashlight snob :D I thought the series had peaked several books ago, but this is a good new...