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    Lights you bought more than 1

    i got sucked into the olight craze for a bit, got alot of the same things that ill likely never use just for the looks and potential utilty of them. about 7 i5 aa, 5 baton 3 premium with the case including a few seasons and eternal. 10 obulbs which i love these things, night lights around the...
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    Charger that stops at voltage?

    Yes this is precisely why I want a stop voltage lol!!! I can just start manually taking them off charge at a lower voltage, was just looking for a more automated option. When you say host, you mean where I am getting the power from right? Even though its usb, I would use a wall adapter on it...
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    Headlight vs flashlight

    Flashlight, the headlamp is rarely used, however i think its a necessity. There are just some times when you cant tailstand your light and also need both of your hands, with illumination.
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    Charger that stops at voltage?

    Thank you for the reply! At most there will be 4 3400 18650s in there, usually once a year i top them all off, most of my lights dont actually get used much if im honest, i just like having them lol. I will just probably stick to that xtar dragon, probably overkill, but looks like an amazing...
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    Charger that stops at voltage?

    I was wondering if there was a charger that you could set the stop voltage, for example if i wanted it to stop my eneloop aa at 1.4 or my 18650 stop at 4v? I have a Nitecore D4 that I have been using for years now and I think I am interested in one of the Xtar, maybe the vc4 plus, dragon vp4...
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    My thoughts on the moonlight mode

    Before I got a flashlight that had moonlight, I also thought, wow, why would you. I got a flashlight that came with it, and now I try to make sure any new ones that i get have that function lol. I use it every night for walking around the house while everyone is sleeping. It is the perfect...
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    Bit of clarification on 18650 longevity

    Ok thats good news. I use a nitecore d4. I use it probably every other day for my eneloop aa and aaa for all the kids electronics, wouldnt be hard to just pop them out at 4.1, thx for that info.
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    Bit of clarification on 18650 longevity

    Hey all, was looking over some older threads and check out some of that battery university, was hoping for a bit more simple clarification. I was going to buy a couple more 18650 for backup, have mostly the Keeppower 3400 protected from illumn, was going to get a few of the Keeppower 3500s now...
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    Cheers to

    Re: Cheers to Craig at Illumination Supply! To piggyback on this resurrected thread, do we have a code for illumn?
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    What is the best charger and 18650's for the money?

    I chose to stay away from soshine batteries as well personally.
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    Post your Pelican case setup!

    All hail :bow:
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    What is the best charger and 18650's for the money?

    I just picked up the nitecore d4 and some keeppower 3400's from them, came in today. Very happy so far.
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    Google Map for Candlepowerforum Members

    Hey pretty neat, but.. light it up, I mean geez you got this marker literally in your back yard lol.
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    What is the best charger and 18650's for the money?

    Seems like a super deal on those batteries. Most other places are asking 14-24 for 3400 mah. And most are rebranded Panasonics anyway as I understand.
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    18650 brand variation and differences, why?

    As I come to understand, a lot of these batteries are rewrapped Panasonics, wherein lies the question, why the variances? For example, a 3400 mah orbtronic, or aw, could have different lengths or discharge times, or other variances found in that huge review of 18650 batteries. If they are all...
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    Battery orientation.

    I realize Im doing a bit of post spamming, so thanks for bearing with me. This question is about general battery orientation. From the lights I have, and some of the video reviews Ive watched from goinggear and the user here that has tons of them, it appears that the batteries go into a...
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    p25 Smilodon question

    Hey all, this question is about the p25 and the recharging. According to the manual it has an intelligent charging circuit to terminate the charging current at full charge. My question is, and I don't plan on it becoming a habit, but if for example I plugged it in before bed to charge to full...
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    The beginning of my collection, new lightophile.

    Ive had the streamlight about a month, the fenix about 2 weeks, and the nitecore came in today, a Sunday delivery by UPS.. I found that very interesting! I don't really use them that much right now, and to be honest they probably wont be used extremely often. The one I will most likely use most...
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    The beginning of my collection, new lightophile.

    Well that's it. Ive got it, the addiction is confirmed. Here is my collection so far, and Im pretty stoked about it. Small collection thus far, but Im happy. I think the trouble would be to not go too fast too soon. Still a lot more to learn. It doesn't look like it from this pic, just how it...
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    Best 18650 battery question

    Hey, all flat top unprotected lol. Ill check Mountain