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    Looking for outdoor floodlight recommendations.

    I thought I would never spend $100 for a flood light... sure enough the $50 POS I bought 2 years ago was rusting already... By recommendations on here with the RAB I can honestly say it's nicely built. It works and that's that. That's the one I bought. I can rest assured now that if it does...
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
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    How many lumens is a street lamp?

    depends on the type, but generally between 13000-17000
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    recommendations for a cheap and bright laser....

    A good self leveling, rotary laser will cost you some big money. For most tasks that a home owner / light professional would do a self leveling laser line (horizontal/vertical) level will fit the bill. PLS make very good ones PLS * PACIFIC LASER SYSTEMS As do Topcon/Bosch/Dewalt, Porter Cable...
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    Do you ever START liking a food item that you DIDNT like before?

    Yeah, happens for me once with Olives! Like to eat them in a natural way or in soups, really tasty! :D
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    Movies you watch again and again?

    1. Snatch 2. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels 3. Pulp fiction And yes, I'm a fan of that genre, feels like I'll never tired of it xD