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    My Nitecore D10 won't turn off

    I know I have seen threads on Nightcore PD light problems and repairs, but when I searched for Nitecore I found way too many threads, and searching for D10 gives zero results:sigh: I just got a Nitecore D10DGP a couple weeks ago. It seems to work fine, but tonight I noticed that when it's turned...
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    Wish we had a "Hide Thread" button.

    I can't be the only one who gets tired of the repetitive threads that pop up asking "which light do I get?" or the obvious troll threads dissing a popular brand. I know a lot of people like those threads; they usually get a lot of responses. But, to me, they are just clutter. And every time...
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    Is there an 18650 size light with a spill as wide as a Mag C or D?

    I've got a pretty good collection of lights now and find that I generally reach for the 18650 sizes most. My favorites would be my Eastward YJ-XAQ5 (I really like this light), VB-16, or Lumapower MRV. Lights with a body around 1" in diameter and around 6" in length just feel right to me. I'm...