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    New and upgraded Fraz Mechanical Smart Materials flashlights

    I've been watching for a while the development. I haven't been on here very much over the past year or so. Is there a quick place I can go to order? Just a lot to catch up on, sorry. Thank you! Cool manufacturing videos!
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    Headlamp recommendation with simple UI and moonlight mode?

    Zebralight. They are programmable. You can do a single short click for moonlight. I switched the modes for mine. Long press for turbo now. Just click for moon. Highly recommend.
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    Small hiking, waterproof, uber reliable headlamp recommendations

    This zebralight is my recommendation Your story of your child going without you just made my heart drop. My neighbor on the next block down lost his only daughter of highschool age to an explosive device while delivering books...
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    Kickstarter: Fonarik

    Yeah, high price and minimal function. They were more about the magnet gizmo and forgot about everything else. And I don't like magnets. So..............
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    'secret' Photon auto-off mode? Freedom and Rex; 3 min. w/ ramp

    Freedom Covert around my neck for 4+ years. I changed the LED to a Yuji Hi CRI 3200k and love this thing. Light weight, lays flat, UI is excellent, Moonlight....
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Pretty sure I was on a list or at least following this project back then. Definitely want to be on a list again for the small version. That is what I was waiting for. Welcome back! :D
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    Small 18650 light with throw and easy access low?

    I will second this. Pretty darn close to what you are asking for. One of the better ones overall options out there.
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    Nitecore TIP2 has Landed!

    Magnets and that delay are holding me back. Seems no instant moonlight access either which kills it. The Rex was a great light. I think I still have one that functions with solar panel, usb charger, battery charger and all.
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    Consistently bright?

    Yeah, I think 99% of the community here is aware of that. You have many choices at 60 lumens. Enjoy.
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    Consistently bright?

    Should be based on your lumen need and not turbo specs since they are not meant to run on those levels for that long. So what lumen level do you need in realistic terms?
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    Nitecore TIP2 has Landed!

    Reading first impressions, I think I will now pass.
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    Emisar D18vn - Best SubCompact Popcan R

    No extra LED in the center mod?
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    Emisar D18vn - Best SubCompact Popcan R

    That is what I have currently. Debating the W2 though.
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    Just got a RovyVon A8 U

    Nice! Had one in my Amazon cart for a while, but have not pulled the trigger.
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    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Thanks for the info! Very cool! Any chance a pic of it with a ZL SC64?
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Exactly how I set mine up. Flip the low and high positions. Also removes that pre-flash issue.
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    Looking for a flashlight with lowest mode

    Skylumen RRT-01 with XHP 50.2 goes the lowest of mine (lower than all Zebralights). Plus it gets 800 lumens on high.
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    Shortest Single Cell 18650 HI CRI with tail button.

    I can only suggest the ZL though on backorder and a side switch. Never turned on in pocket and has physical lockout.