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  1. nbjly

    Can't remember the Name...Maglite Rotary Variable Mod

    Lambdalights is gone, but this is the web page with info on how to order one LambdaLights I'm going to compare this to a WildTrail WT90 and take a few pics. I will then sell them both. I bought the VaraPower from this thread...
  2. nbjly

    Can't remember the Name...Maglite Rotary Variable Mod

    I finally remembered - Lambdalights VaraPower. Way ahead of its time.
  3. nbjly

    Can't remember the Name...Maglite Rotary Variable Mod

    I have a modded Maglite that runs on 4 C size NiMH. It has what looks like an SBT90 flowed onto a large copper slug. The original head is cut to make fins and it has a 3 inch head screwed on the bezel threads. It has a rotary knob that clicks on and then adjusts the brightness. Thanks!
  4. nbjly

    Sold/Expired datiLED Battery Drainers

    Hi! I'll take: 12, 14, 16, and 2 kits. Thanks!
  5. nbjly

    WTT Surefire 6P LED emitter for rechargeable battery

    What kind of 18650 are you looking for? I have a few different lengths, protected/unprotected?
  6. nbjly

    Frelux Synergy 2 (SOLD)

    I'll take it - PP sent :)
  7. nbjly

    Sold/Expired FS: Ti2 Design / CWF Zirconium (Zr) Pele Light

    This Zr Pele light is offered for $1700 USD
  8. nbjly

    Sold/Expired Parallel 3x18650 Megalennium

  9. nbjly

    WTB Five Mega Megalennium Body

    Yes that one will work.
  10. nbjly

    WTB Five Mega Megalennium Body

    Looking for a Megalennium body, a FMH head would be great too -
  11. nbjly

    Sold/Expired Surefire Titan plus and Surefire L1* All sold *

    Re: Surefire Titan plus and Surefire L1 Back up on the Titan please -
  12. nbjly

    WTB Smoothie Bezel

    It's been that long...and they haven't been in stock at Cryos for forever - The Cryos P60 / Surefire C size is what I'm after - :thanks:
  13. nbjly

    WTB Smoothie Bezel

    Still looking :popcorn:
  14. nbjly

    Sold/Expired All sold or traded: FLASHLIGHTS AND PARTS, Mac's Customs.

    Re: Misc. flashlights and parts. :takeit: 2 each $5.00 Vital Gear replacement switch kit - total $10 :thanks:
  15. nbjly

    Sold/Expired merged

    Re: FS: BIG LEEF Flashlight Hosts and Parts. Made in USA. :takeit: 1 Complete Host 1 Extra Tube :thanks:
  16. nbjly

    Sold/Expired SOLD: New Surefire Tactician E-Series Body

    Re: FS: New Surefire Tactician Head :takeit: :paypal: :thanks:
  17. nbjly

    Sold/Expired All Sold: Surefire, LeeF, other flashlights and parts

    Re: FS: LeeF, Surefire, and other flashlights and parts. :takeit: #10 Grip Ring kit :thanks:
  18. nbjly

    Sold/Expired FS: XML-2 Mag Shorty - 1000 Lumens!

    Also looking for a Mag modder
  19. nbjly

    Sold/Expired *FOUND* Looking For a BLACK XENO Cube Now

    Found a brushed version - Thanks CPF!! Still looking for a Black finish one -