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    New lights from Leupold Scopes I don't know who makes these, but looks like the latest LED emitters.
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    repetitive, but I got my Fenix LOD CRE

    I CANNOT believe how damn bright this thing is. I even like the strobe ! Tremendous spill ! Medium about matches my LOP; high is , well HIGH. Matches my old L1P. Can't wait to receive my back ordered L1D Cre. What a quantum leap in efficiency, and brightness !
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    WHERE are the reviews of the LOD CE, L1D CE, and L2D CE ?

    SOMEONE must have received theirs. Can you spell ANTICIPATION ? Arrrgggggggg !!!!!
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    What makes a bulb 3 volt, 6 volt, etc ?

    I asked this question a year or more ago, and never received a good answer. What characteristics of a bulb/filament make it capable of higher voltages without blowing/flashing. Is the filament thicker/thinner/longer/shorter, or made of a different material ? Are the noble gasses different ...
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    Cree X-lamp at Brightguy Expensive little devil, uses CR2.
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    Fenix does it for me, period

    I, just a few years ago, NEVER thought I'd have such wonderful small, powerful, long run time LEDs. I've got the Fenix E1 (didn't intend to buy one, but loved a gift light I bought), LOP, L1P, and L2P. This about does it for me in most catagories. I've got 50 or so more "tactical", 2/123 3...
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    Help ! Chinese clone of Arc AAA

    I bought a bunch of these for friends/etc from a forum member. Can't locate him; have forgotten what they were called. Need a bunch more.
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    comments on 5mm LED life

    I just received a new 4AA7LED module for my failing Propolymer light. No charge, thanks Streamlight. One of the LED's had failed. I've had it 2-3 years. This was one of the "second" generation models, which was also overdriven. Some one, more knowledgable than I, can pin down the mAh stuff...
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    Lordy, I'm bored; what next ?

    After acquiring the L1P, L2P, and LOP Fenix models, plus my Peak Matterhorn 3LED Hi-Power, there is NOTHING I want. I don't think there has ever been a time like this, with so many winner lights being introduced. BUT, it's an empty feeling thinking you have all the lights you want. Maybe I've...
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    Fenix LOP Hard ano durability

    I've had my LOP on my key ring for about two months now. It lives with a LOT of keys, and other metal junk. Close inspection shows NO scratches, mars, or dings on the entire light. What appear to be smears of the brass keys wipe off easily. It seems to be an excellent hard finish. Your...
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    run time plots for all Fenix lights

    My favorite dealer now has alkaline, and lithium run time plots for the LOP, L1P, and L2P on this page: There are several overlapping alkaline/lithium plots that are revealing, and simple to understand.
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    WHERE is the Ocean AAA Lux ?

    I am about to die waiting for this light.....
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    Received my L2P from Lighthound

    Noticeably brighter than my very good L1P. Great white tint. A keeper. Have already pre-ordered my LOP from them, can't wait. I'm admittedly a bit cheap, these Fenix models are the exception, I really like them.
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    Arrrgggg !!! Leaky c cells ruined my TT 3C

    I sure thought so. I forgot I loaned the Twin Task to my daughter this summer. They went to Florida for a vacation, and I thought it'd be a good beach light. I just put it back on my light cabinet, and forgot about it. One of my friends (plumber) that is fast becoming a flashaholic, wanted...
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    Why can't Nichia make a WHITE LED ?

    The method of phosphor coating has improved. Binning has improved. What is the development problem here? Somebody explain it to this old dummy. Heck, Cree has done it.
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    few remaining Mag-lites for sale at Target

    There were only about 10 total left. The rest of the huge board was taken up by River Rock, Inovas, etc. Wouldn't be surprised to see something NEW out of Mag. About time.
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    Anyone noticed how the Fenix L2P is Dying

    in the dealers corner ? Too much competition I suppose. I've got about five 2/AA luxes on the display, all cost less. Hmmm, maybe we'll get a price drop.
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    don't understand the Fenix AA current draw

    Been here awhile, I thought you had to use a lithium for its ability to "dump" large amounts of current for the high performance lights. A PT surge is an example; they had to use EIGHT AA's to really drive the light. How in the heck can Fenix come up with a circuit that can drain that alkaline...
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    No spill with the Fenix ?

    Well, I read till my eyes hurt, and didn't believe the hype about the 1AA Fenix. Well, I do now. Several posters have commented about the lack of spill with the Fenix compared to the Q3. I have two Q3's, hand selected by one of our suppliers. Both give about 45 degrees of spill. My just...