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    Electronic cigarette battery explodes
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    New Philips Lumileds Luxeon H, K, & M LEDs Luxeon H: 320-660lm, 100v or 200v, 4-8w Luxeon K: 620-4455lm Luxeon M: 12v/8w, 900lm
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    Automotive DOT requirements for reversing or backup lighting

    What are the DOT requirements for reversing or backup lighting for a passenger vehicle? Other than being white, having at least 1, and only working while in reverse, I can't find any DOT beam or other requirements. Is there a SAE spec that DOT leans on?
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    Automotive 18w License plate frame, V-LEDs

    It comes with 6 of what I think are XR-E's(3 rectangular bars in die). I replaced the two outer ones with XPG's for more flood. I think that I'm going to replace 2 more of the LEDs with XML's in warm white to tone down the bleach blinding cool white. The LEDs are wired 3 in series...
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    Solarforce L2T + Manafont warm XM-L

    L2T+XML warm-white drop-in is now my favorite flashlight. I accidently left my rare warm white Quark Mini-123 at my parents house in Florida last year. Have been using all my 'other' not so warm flashlights for most of this year. The Manafont sku is 8231. Not sure if KD or DX has an...
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    Brinkmann 3aa Legend needs upgrade

    I have a glovebox Brinkmann that needs a bulb upgrade. What are my options? Since I'm using 3aa Energizer 8x Lithium non-rechargeables, I'm hoping that someone knows which bulb out there fits even if run time is reduced(not a problem). I'm considering testing the Maglite Mini 2aa or 2aaa...
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    Identify this 1x AAA light Is it a maglite with a clicky? what brand clicky? If it were maglite, it would have maglite engraved somewhere.
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    Bicycle 27w Ebay bike light 12v-18v

    I have just received this eBay bike light. Its definitely lighter and a tad smaller than the 10w VisionX/Magnalight Solstice. I just don't see how this light will stay cool enough when pushing 27w. It does get hot pretty quickly. Will have to time it to see when the thermal sensor shuts it...
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    Sold/Expired Design help needed for 12v outdoor LED floodlight

    Need a weatherproof flood light for front yard to light up a 250ft by 250ft area. LED is a must since it will powered by a solar charged deep cycle 12v battery. Currently using a Sunwize ST-400 24w LED mounted 12ft high on a pole along with 2 10w VisionX Solstice floods which are too spotty...