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    The Dangers of Working with a High Voltage Supply

    I recently acquired a new lab supply which was originally meant for an electrophoresis table. As such it has three modes of output... constant voltage, constant power, constant current. (1000v, 200watts, 400ma) I understand what constant current and constant voltage are, however, I'm confused...
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    Please Help Me Vote

    The sister of a female who may become more than a friend to me :-P was put through to the top 10 of a Play-Doh contest (kinda odd but cool). I know it sounds corny, however, it would be awesome if I could help her win. That is where you guys come in :-) (I'm already voting once a day) You...
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    Why you carry an EDC... even if the light isn't an EDC

    My NiteCore Extreme left for warranty work today (stripped screw holding clip was what helped me lose the light in the first place) , and as a result I could have easily gone without an EDC. However, I instead chose to carry my M20, even though it is slightly too long for normal EDC pocket...
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    Where do I go from here?

    For those of you who don't know, this past Friday I lost my 2 month old NiteCore Extreme SS while snow tubing outside State College, PA. I told my dad and he is going to ship our metal detector here... However, lets say the light is gone by the time the detector arrives, or perhaps the place...
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    Ra Clicky 100 vs 140 vs 170 vs???

    I've been reading a little bit about the new Ra lights, and I'm curious, quite simply, what the brightest clicky you can buy is. Also, is the number (140lm for example) the burst rating? I'm just kinda confused as to how the rating system works. I also have heard of people with 170lm Ra's...
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    Flashlight in a Hayfield..

    Earlier tonight I decided to go snow tubing with a couple of my friends as Tussey Mountain right outside State College, PA. I also decided it would be a good idea to bring my NEX as my EDC. Anyways, after riding down the slope twice I reached for my light and it just wasn't there :-( I...
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    Any other CPF members at Penn State?

    Maybe we could meet up some time as there are roughly 40k on campus... and I'm sure someone else likes lights :whistle: If you don't feel like posting a reply, a PM is fine too :-)
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    Under-driving/ Over-driving HID bulbs

    I know under-driving will increase the color temp whereas over-driving will decrease the temp, however, how is lamp life and efficiency affected. Also, how do ballasts with more than one output watttage (10/24 for example) work? Thanks :-)
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    The Clip that Saved my EDC's Life

    A few days ago, I reached into my pocket right by my dorm's outside door to pull out my wallet and my EDC also fell out (NiteCore Extreme). It luckily bounced off my shoe and then rolled across a rubber door mat, stopping when it reached the large clip. It that clip hadn't been there, the...
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    Opinions on W.E Shark1 10/24w

    I am curious why this light is not mentioned more (only 3-4 threads detailing actual info), as I would think it would have some appeal. The switching is really cool in that you can get over double the runtime if you don't need the extra brightness. The lights appears to be the right size...
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    Female Flashaholics? (Please lock/delete Mods)

    *Mods, if you feel this better belongs in the Cafe, feel free to move* Having been a member of CPF for a good two years now, I have noticed there are fairly frequent posts about how a wife/gf does not appreciate the whole flashlight "thing", however, I have yet to notice a thread entitled "My...
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    PWM vs Constant Current

    As I understand it, PWM seems to be better at everything... It has these advantages, just to name a few... *Better runtime (less energy lost as heat at lower levels) *Can achieve lower "low" *Can have an almost infinite number of output levels Why the heck would you ever want a light with...
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    Oh boy... I got 3 bond wires... not again

    After reading some interesting discussion in another thread on the bond wires seen in all LED's, I have decided to start a thread on just the issue to hopefully divert some traffic away from ^^^ thread to this one. *Why do some LED's have more bond wires than others *Why are some bond wires...
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    NiteCore EX mode switching

    Only concerned with how loose the head is while on "user-defined" mode. I like the light a lot, however, if I am going to be EDC'ing it, i will usually want it to start on low, not the 200 lumen high. Will the head untwist itself in my pocket or does the rather large O-ring provide a good...
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    Why do we always reccomend dim lights with long runtime during outage?

    I understand conserving power is important, however, does it really hurt things to run a fenix/other multi-level at say medium instead of low? I also understand that your eyes adjust to the lower light, however, one brighter light in the middle of the room with a diffuser could be sufficient...
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    Oh no... another EDC decision (1XCR123A mid-high end light wanted)

    (Mods feel free to delete because although that was more to see if everyone agreed with the gifting idea, I don't want to be cross-posting) If you have followed my other thread, a new EDC may be waiting under the tree for me this year...
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    Christmas Gifting Ideas- Thoughts Greatly Appreciated

    Alright, I have decided that this is the year I finally "enlighten" the rest of my family to brighter than normal flashlights. I have a plan in place, however, it involves a new EDC which I will need your guys help in picking out :) *L2D-CE I got for my birthday last year (still almost mint...
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    So, how do you change that little bulb thingy?

    Just kidding :-P (Please repost in correct forum if this is not it because although this deals with modding, I would really like the input of some LED members here) Anyways, I would like to replace the emitter on my 2 year old Jil Intelli from a Lux III TWOH to something a little more up to...
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    What tailcap would you rather have on your light?

    Given a choice, what tailcap would you rather have on a light? (Naming the type of light would help too (EDC/tactical/etc.)) -Standard Black -Glow in the Dark -Another color(or type) (Orange/red/etc.)(or metal) Don't forget to include why :D
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    Another important battery question (18650's this time)

    One of my 18650's unprotected DLG brand 1 year old 2200mah is doing something interesting on my multimeter. The meter updates maybe once every .1 sec and when I connect the battery I ramps up to 4.22 volts over maybe .5 sec and then it drop to 4.06 volts the next refresh. I know it's not the...