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    Bell & Howell Tac light

    Reviews I've read not to good. Anyone here have any personal experience with this light ?
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    Ozark Trail Light

    My wife (blaming her lol) dragged me into Walmart today & while she's doing her thing I head strait for flashlights. So I purchased this Ozark Trail light 500 lumens high & 100 lumens low, 6 AA batteries. Quite frankly I'd never heard of it. Seems ok now, but I read a not so good review. The...
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    LEDLENSER light ?

    Saw an add for this light on tv & it looked good. Have any of you used these lights & what are your thoughts ?
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    3D Maglite question

    My 3D mag. which I've had for quite some time just quit on me. I tried new batteries as well as change the bulb nothing. Any other ideas ?
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    Night Owl flashlights question

    Have any of you all ever heard of these folks or use their flash lights ? Am thinking of getting one. Any comments would be much appreciated.
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    Another reason to always have a light

    Yesterday at the auto dealership I was just about finished using the mens room when all of sudden all power off & that room was pitch black. After finding my Garrity AA I was able to finish business & get out of there.
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    Job interview & the lights went out

    Yesterday(Friday) I was interviewing for a new position & the lights went out. Room totaly dark. I reached back & grabed one of my flashlights & let there be light. Even though they were only out 25sec or so they were inpressed. Think I got the job? Well wish me luck.
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    Wife not to happy with me

    Just brought ANOTHER light. No big deal , just a Garrity 2AA with holster for $8.39(or something like that ) at local Walgreens. Seems to be pretty good. Am I the only one with these problems PS: Also brought a little led light for key chain Garrity also.
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    Maglite LED question

    Have any of you purchased the Maglite in LED & if so how do you like them ? I've been thinking of getting one.
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    Incandescent vs LED ?

    Pros & cons ? Having trouble making up my mind.
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    Garrity Tuff Lite

    Just purchased this light for $3.50 today at my local Dollar General. 2D ,heavy duty rubber casing, seems like a good extra light to have in the car. Does any one else have this light & has it done you ok ? Figure for the price I can't go wrong. P.S. This light is as bright as my 2D Mag.
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    Question on Digilight

    Have any of you ever heard of or used the Digilight which is available from Dillion Precision. It is on pg. 23 in their current catalogue. It has 70 lumens out put run time 90 min according to add. Priced at $34.95 includes two 3v lithium batteries spare bulb, belt holster and...
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    Has anyone had this problem ?

    I just had to put new 123a batteries in my 6P. I would bet that I got less than 1/2 hour of light on the Duracells that came with it. I hope this isn't going to keep happening. Anyone else had this or similar problems ?
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    Ques. on Chineese flashlights Have any of you folks ever used the cheap Chineese police flash lights shown on that site ? If so what is your opinion?
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    Everlife FlashLights

    If this is posted & answered some where else I apologise in advance: I see their adds on tv all time. Have any of you used these lights & what do you think of them ? Thanks in advance.