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  1. easilyled

    LEP discussion thread: (White laser flashlights)

    That's interesting to read. Lasers are banned here in the UK, so I don't own any and I am completely ignorant about them, apart from in this new conversion technology. (Albeit, I still don't know much! ;))
  2. easilyled

    LEP discussion thread: (White laser flashlights)

    That's a good question. I'd like to know the answer. Not all LEPs use mirrors. There's a second type that allow the beam to go directly through some type of optic and then hit the phosphor if I have understood that correctly. I'm not sure whether they're more robust than the mirror method or not.
  3. easilyled

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Tain Hyperlux 3-Piece, Mint

    Re: FS: Tain Hyperlux 3-Piece, Mint I recall that the Tain driver drives the XM-L at 2.8A at the highest level so as luxlunatic said, high will be about 1000 lumens. This will be a sustained 1000 lumens too because the removable brass heat sink that the driver is on, is massive and I'm pretty...
  4. easilyled

    Acebeam new K75 2500m throw 6300lm flashlight now presenting

    If we could obtain all measurements reliably from hypothetical mathematics, there'd never be a need for any measurement devices. Even if they're not perfect, I'd use them over a mathematical equation making many assumptions, every time!
  5. easilyled

    Very difficult NOT to love AAA's these days.

    Yes, it's good to clamp down on disinformation, for sure! ;)
  6. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    I don't know if you're babying it or not, but it seems to maintain it's finish remarkably well Mark.
  7. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    Lovely photos Mark. I can't get enough of seeing your BOSS 70 Frosty!
  8. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    Thank you! :)
  9. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    Thanks Mark, they're still beautiful and still the pride of my collection .... took my mind off the dreaded virus for a little while!
  10. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    That's a great mod Icarus with all the hallmarks of your impeccable craftsmanship. Glad to see that you're still enjoying it! :thumbsup:
  11. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    Wow! What are the specs on that TK75vn in terms of output and throw? It certainly looks potent!
  12. easilyled

    Sold/Expired *SOLD* WTS: TNC Titanium 18650 P60 dragon

    Re: WTS: TNC Titanium 18650 P60 dragon Just wondering if the gap between head and body reduces slightly if the clip is removed?
  13. easilyled

    Acebeam L16 Issues - anyone experience them?

    Have you tried a different battery to make sure that it's not the battery that's at fault? That would be the first thing I'd do.
  14. easilyled

    Which lights withstand hard drops/impact the best?

    If you're in the habit of dropping lights, you might want to attach a wrist lanyard to the light and and loop the lanyard onto your wrist so that you prevent this from happening, otherwise it can become quite expensive! Some more expensive custom lights that I'd have absolute faith in, in...
  15. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    Very nice lights Mark but they're flouting the social distancing rules.
  16. easilyled

    Everything Is Ugly

    No problem 'dude. One man's meat is another's poison as the saying goes.:twothumbs But I think you should be more direct next time! :grin2:
  17. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    Great pictures Mark, looks like somewhere really nice there.
  18. easilyled

    Photos of your lights

    Nice Mark, but I wouldn't say it's lowering the tone, especially not with 219Bs .... those are strictly for tint connoisseurs, reserved only for the pinnacle of the flashlight brigade cognoscenti.
  19. easilyled

    What are the longest throwing LED flashlights?

    I don't see why we can't have a flashlight that has both LEP and LEDs. Just make the head a bit wider and put some leds with optics into the walls surrounding the lens housing the LEP unit. Then there'll be a useful flashlight that can provide short and medium range use through the leds as well...