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  1. RetroTechie

    Disaster on top of disaster preparedness

    It doesn't matter if there's one disaster or multiple ones overlapping. It all comes down to making sure the basics are there: WATER, food, protection from the elements (clothes, shelter, heating?, staying dry to avoid hypothermia, sunscreen), and staying healthy (avoiding risky water/food...
  2. RetroTechie

    AGFA Lithium CR123A problems

    Few exceptions aside, brand names mean little these days. What matters is in which factories items & their parts were made, and who's calling the shots in those factories. Unfortunately this if often a big question mark. :thinking: Sadly this is true for most consumer products these days. :(...
  3. RetroTechie

    Hiking in the nude

    That is the thing: it's only shocking to some people because it's different from how they where 'imprinted', family tradition, etc. A cultural issue. Unfortunately this is then forced onto the rest of the population, even though people going about their daily lives nude wouldn't hurt anyone...
  4. RetroTechie

    Reading in Bed - Complete Darkness

    Toss 'em onto a scanner, and put scans together in a PDF. As long as it's readable, and fits into tablet / e-reader / phone's memory or a memory card that goes in there, it doesn't need to be pretty. And thus doesn't need high resolution (color?) or much time to process each page. If money...
  5. RetroTechie

    Hiking in the nude

    Hello all, I would like to share an experience from a few days ago with you. Involving yours truly, a flashlight, and nothing else except the wonderful outdoors. Since >20 years I've been a naturist. And as far as experiences go, there's something even nicer than go without clothes at home or...
  6. RetroTechie

    Most Anti-Flashaholic thing I've ever seen.

    Oh man there is SO many things wrong safety-wise in how they did this, that I won't even bother listing them... Either this dude will learn 'the ropes' ;) fast, or he'll be dead within a few years tops. Buuttt... Yes they do: to upload video of stupid poop they did, so that the folks on YT can...
  7. RetroTechie

    Ideas for a “dream” cell storage solution

    Thanks for providing another example supporting that claim, Chris! :laughing:
  8. RetroTechie

    new flashoholics are so lucky.

    I'm also old, and also had to Google. :grin2: Most likely, as used & in this context: SotA = State of the Art
  9. RetroTechie

    new flashoholics are so lucky.

    L3 Illumination comes to mind... there's others out there that offer a range of colors, surely? If nothing else, cheapies from eBay, DX & co can be had in any color imaginable. :) Not to mention custom lights if 'money is no object'.
  10. RetroTechie

    How Do Most Lithium Ion Batteries Behave When They Are Approaching End Of Life?

    The chance of thermal runaway, and the amount of damage that would do, is directly proportional to the energy contents of a cell. Old / worn Li-ion cells have lowered capacity, can't deliver high currents anymore, and for those reasons alone they're less dangerous. Just go watch some YouTube...
  11. RetroTechie

    Lifetime Supply!

    This is referring to the halogen cycle which only applies to... halogen bulbs. So yes in that case it's best to run them at rated voltage or perhaps slightly below. But for regular incandescent bulbs (as in: no halogen gasses inside the bulb), it's different: lower working voltage =...
  12. RetroTechie

    Pandemic Mental Health - How YOU doin'?

    It's crazy sh** like this has me :shakehead more & more as time passes. In tight indoor spaces where it's hard to keep a distance from others and/or ventilation is poor, like in shops, public transport, hospitals or elderly homes, where regulations require it for the time being - okay. But when...
  13. RetroTechie

    Powering a camp lantern with a car battery?

    Welcome here, farkuldi! :wave: Just cabling: 2-conductor wire from car battery (cigarette lighter) -> DC connector that plugs into 12V powered lamp. Such lamps are a dime a dozen exactly because the ability to power and/or charge from a car battery is a useful option. Many such lamps aren't...
  14. RetroTechie

    Coronavirus - II

    I understand less & less about this fixation with "infections" or "cases". :shakehead Cases are confirmed cases only, that is: people who have been tested, and tested positive. Infections are unknown, estimates based on # of cases + a guestimate of how many more infections there are for each...
  15. RetroTechie

    How a flashlight could reach 24000Lm?

    Welcome here, superled! :wave: Simple answer is you can't (get around the laws of physics). Currently the best available commercial white LEDs output close to 200 lm/W. But a more realistic number (especially if you take other losses into account) is ~100...120 lm/W for a good flashlight...
  16. RetroTechie

    "X amount of Lumens is all you really need"

    There IS such a thing as too much light. During many of my evenings at home, the only thing lighting up the room, is a 3W warm white LED lamp. Can't be more than ~200 lumens, if that. For me that does the job. Sometimes I switch on additional light(s) if needed for some job, but that doesn't...
  17. RetroTechie

    Most powerfull LED under 50mAh +/-5mAh

    Welcome here, 666nm! :wave: What you probably meant is current (mA), not mAh. The latter is a measure of (battery) capacity, often (ab)used as a measure of energy. Not power (which is energy per unit of time). And more exactly you're probably meaning a mWatt figure, with the mA figure implying...
  18. RetroTechie

    LED Spotlight

    Nonsense. Question this thread started with, is the kind of job every "thrower" style flashlight is designed for. Or perhaps some fixtures as used to illuminate the outside of buildings. Just have a look at those things, and you'll find that for a tight beam (read: parallel = non-diverting rays...
  19. RetroTechie

    What is the flashlight with beam 1000m used for?

    A 1000m+ thrower is a weak attempt at lighting up comet C/2020 F3 aka NEOWISE to make it more visible for peeps down here on Earth. :p
  20. RetroTechie

    Pandemic Mental Health - How YOU doin'?

    Very much on topic... watch this: Dr. Lucy Hone - The three secrets of resilient people Summarized: 1. poop happens. Resilient people accept that is a fact of life. Focus on things you can change vs. things that you just can't do anything about. 2. Find the positives. (count your blessings) 3...