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    100W LED Chips - Any Experiences?

    Very nice find on the driver. I have bought 10, 20 and 30w led chips and the 20/30 requires a bit too high voltage for me get easily. Do you know if there is any input current limit (very likely/common) and what it is? I couldn't find it on the page. Edit: It is implicitiy stated in the power...
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    Philips Award Winning LED Bulb Review

    Is it possible to buy these in europe?
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    New Poor-Man's top 10

    I do not have that many lights, but Ive hace had both the SS C3 and aluminium C3, and they both eventually stopped working. So I would recommend the DX C78 zoom-to-flood single-mode (comparable to the sk68 it seems) and the akoray k-106, both of which have worked perfectly in their own way. The...
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    High Quality Chinese Generic LED's

    I just bought 2 pcs of 10W leds from ebay, they are most likely "generic chinese" ones. They didn't cost 12$ a piece though, but 5$ so I couldn't resist. Had a very nice tint but doesn't seem terribly efficient. At this price they are still interesting, especially if they are more efficient at...
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    I Really Need The Best Super Bright LEDs For A Project! HELP

    What about being blinded by the LEDs? I also fly helis, and I am thinking about leds since its dark pretty early for a few months now :) But any power-led driven at decent amps I would think will easily "blind" whoever is flying the helicopter if its at the right angle. That is, if its really...
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    BessieBenny's Budget LED (DX/KD etc) Flashlights Review Roundup (Part XII)

    Was it the sku.18305 and single-mode you ordered? I have the 5-mode which is supposed to be q5, just wondering if they sent you one of those instead. Btw, my SS has a problem seemingly from pressure on the star, it starts flickering randomly. I can reproduce it by removing the tail-cap...
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    Will LED Christmas lights be good this year?

    Hmm, here in Sweden they are selling an expandable LED system called System LED, seems fairly high-quality though we actually bought their incan variant (System expo), due to lacking stock of the LEDs. Still, thats not the only LED christmas-light system in stores here, I've also seen several...
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    Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel 1AA

    The C2 alu tube does not fit on my C3 SS, the threads are the wrong pitch, sorry.
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    BessieBenny's Budget LED (DX/KD etc) Flashlights Review Roundup (Part XI)

    That aurora case is exactly the same body as my C3 if I'm not mistaken?
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    Cheap, DIY LED fixtures

    Very nice. With this being so cheap I might just be able to convince my better half that I actually should be allowed to "waste" money on LED lighting ;) We're moving in two months' time and Ill have my own computer/hobby-room, so Ill just experiment in there and see what she thinks of it.
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    Ultrafire C3 Multi-stage vs Single-stage (14500/3AA ADDED): RUNTIMES, pics!

    I have a "new" multi-stage 5-mode. I had to add solder to the PCB to make better contact with (mostly, but also the battery) the middle short tube. This fixes my flickering and random mode switches. It is still flickering though if I really jostle it, its just that now I can use this on my...
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    BessieBenny's Budget LED (DX/KD etc) Flashlights Review Roundup (Part VII)

    Re: Glitchy Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5 I will try that. I think the main problem is on the PCB side, since I need to wiggle the front tube to get good contact.
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    BessieBenny's Budget LED (DX/KD etc) Flashlights Review Roundup (Part VII)

    Re: Glitchy Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5 It seems to be the glitching gets much much worse with a low-ish battery. I replaced with a fresh AA and it started working as before, not switching modes but still flickery light output.
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    BessieBenny's Budget LED (DX/KD etc) Flashlights Review Roundup (Part VII)

    Glitchy Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5 I bought on of the 5-mode Q5 Ultrafire C3s: When I first turned it on, it was slightly glitchy, the output level was fluctuating somewhat. This was with fresh AAs. Now, on my third day or so of usage, the light is almost...