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    The History and Foundation of CPF

    I just wanted to chime in here... I am proud to have been a member for about seven years now. Back when CPF had member numbers, I was #667. I was never a huge poster, but I enjoyed hanging out here. I remember that my first LED flashlight was a Technology Associates Eternalight. Back then...
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    North Central FL/ Central FL get together??

    East coast of central Florida here (Brevard county -- near Melbourne). Include me it! I keep on hoping that SHOT will move back to Orlando. No luck so far.
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    Any Florida Flashaholics?

    Bumpity bump bump. Anyone for a get-together? The very first CPF SHOT get-together was in Orlando. It was a blast!
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    HDS Flashlights? Whats the big deal?

    [ QUOTE ] idleprocess said: An underlooked feature of the Arc4 (and upcoming HDS lights, which are descendents of the Arc4) is its wide range of power sources. [/ QUOTE ] Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the Arc4 only work on a single 123? I know that the head COULD work on a pair of...
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    Best Value Lux-III Flashlight?

    [ QUOTE ] TORCH_BOY said: They are good value at less than $30.00 [/ QUOTE ] Where??? BrightBuy lists them for almost $70. And they usually have pretty good prices. $30 sound like the "fell off of a truck" price.
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    Flashlights in TV and Movies

    I must admit to NOT being an X-files fan. However, is this what they used? Welcom to the club. Some would call it an addiction, but I think that "compulsive hobby" sounds soooo much better.
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    Voltage regulators

    The definite answer is --- possibly... It depends on how you wire them. I have not used a 1084, but I have jused 7805s and other adjustables. The problem is that if they are not set to exactly the same voltage, then the one set to the lowest voltage will do all of the work. If it has a...
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    What are the opinions of the StreamLight ...

    I second the opinion. I have the 2L, and that is my favorite non-EDC light.
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    Brinkmann Legend LX

    Just keep one thing in mind: The newer ones do NOT focus (apparently due to threat of a lawsuit, but that is just a rumor). If yours are the old kind, where the head twists to focus, then hang on to them. This is a poor man's Surefire. *edited for spelling.
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    Man, this is kind of frightening

    I share the same name as a fictional character in a little-known short-lived 70's TV show. There are also (as far as I can tell), 5 other people with the same name. One has a PhD in Psychology, and one is a policeman. Nothing too spectacular. My wife, on the other hand, is one-of-a-kind...
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    Too Scared To EDC My Arc's .....

    Re: Too Scared To EDC My Arc\'s ..... Don't worry about it. I, too, am saddened by Arc's passing. But look at it this way: Peter was a trailblazer, and a very good one. So I am certain that people will follow in his footsteps. Within a few months, there will be products which fill Arc's...
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    Arc Flashlight Going Out of Business

    I am indeed stunned. I feel like I would if my dog died (if I owned a dog). I currently own only two ARC products, but both of them I carry with me every day. I was even trying to figure out a way to save up the money for the Arc 5. I just wanted to say that your company, and you personaly...
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    Hurricane Charlie, lack of power.

    I am still without power at home. I have nothing useful to say. I just want to vent. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! OK. Now, I feel better. **EDIT** Frances is the cause of my problems right now... Charlie missed ne by a good margin.
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    Laptop recommendation sought

    [ QUOTE ] Geode said: Eugene and Deanster, You are correct about whether this is the right type of computer to get. I will only occasionally take advantage of portability. The big plus for me really is how much quieter the laptops seem. I just bought a Dell 4600 desktop and it is a pretty...
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    Multitool.....But do I need one?

    I use my Wave almost every day. Today, I used the knife to chop up my pork chop for lunch. It is also good at opening boxes, and the small screwdriver doubles as an effective staple puller. I always carry my Arc LSL and my Wave everywhere...
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    Using lithiums in a GPS?

    GPS receivers usually have a switching power supply. The should be able to take an extra 1/4 volt or so. If it were me, I would just use them without thinking about it (except that lithiums are expensive).
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    Question About TT Still Unanswered

    One key is to be sure not to touch the bulb. If you do, wipe it down with a little alcohol. Even if the bulb blows, at least you still have light from the LEDs.
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    How does a flashlight work?

    Plus, old copper is kind of nasty to handle. It tends to corrode. Yuk.
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    A little contest - the $50 survival kit

    A little over half of your target price... Throw in a small fixed-blade knife for under $20 and you are set! Do I win???
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    Arc-AAA/AA Delays..

    The Solitaire was introduced 16 years ago. IIRC, patents expire after 17 years. Shouldn't the patent be expired or about to expire??? I would expect that they filed for their patent well in advance of selling the first light at consumer stores...