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    All my eneloop XX 2500 mAh batteries dropping like flies

    Half the top of one of my Eneloop Pro AAs has come off while inside the flashlight
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    What's happened to Eneloop build quality?

    A few years ago, I bought some AA size Eneloop Pro batteries to use in a Eagtac flashlight I only used and recharged each one maybe 50 to 100 times, probably closer to 50 Then a few weeks ago, I tried to recharge one in a Maha charger and was told no, it's charge voltage is too high and the...
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    Alpha 1AA?

    Is there a Prometheus rep who could please answer this? The website says Alpha lights use 18650 batteries Can they use rechargeable 1AA NiMH batteries, and if they can't, when if ever will your company be doing a 1AA version?
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    Old CR2, still safe?

    I have a RCR2 battery that's been sitting on a shelf for 10+ years It's AW brand It hasn't been charged in that time, can't remember if it was fully charged before being left there Is it safe to use and charge? If I leave it there for another few years, is there a danger it will degrade and...
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    Could anyone please post beamshots of their El Capitan light? Especially if has the medium optical width Thanks
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    High CRI 1AA light

    I emailed Peak 5 days ago but didn't get a reply, so I guess they're out Also did a search but only found 1 beamshot What I also need is the max lumens the El Capitan puts out for the no QTC version Does anyone have any other recommendations? Has anyone tried a HDS light with 2AA battery tube?
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    High CRI 1AA light

    Sorry, I should have said. I can't get a light with a magnet in it. This head light is nice but unfortunately it has a magnet in the tailcap
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    High CRI 1AA light

    How much more pressure is put on the battery when it turns on and you keep twisting in to increase brightness? Does the pressure on the battery stay the same or does it compact the battery even more? They don't answer all emails. I emailed them last year to ask for some beamshots, they never...
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    High CRI 1AA light

    I'm looking for a high cri light that uses 1AA or 2AA battery. Prefer 1AA Would like it to be titanium, brass or copper but happy to consider other materials like steel, alu, etc I don't want a flimsy on off switch like the one Zebralight uses. The last Zebralight I bought lasted less than a...
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    Eagletac website

    I went to just now and tried the contact us form Got a 500 error Also the contact us form doesn't use https and isn't secure. That's what my browser is saying anyway
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    Eagletac website

    The front page is on and off. It's not working right now, just gone there and got another 500 server error. When I tried the contact us page earlier, it was also giving 500 errors. There's no way to contact them now unless a rep visits here
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    Eagletac website

    Eagletac's website is giving 500 Internal server errors on the front page and contact us page Does an Eagletac rep visit this site at all?
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    2017 EagleTac D25 Ti Series

    The Eagletac nichia has a much smaller hotspot than the other two. Is that due to the led itself, or the head's dimensions and reflector type?
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    2017 EagleTac D25 Ti Series

    Would anyone be able to post a comparison beamshot of all the various AA battery Eagletac nichias side by side? Including the new Nichia 219c 4000k sold by illuminationgear. Also Budgetlightforum regulars noticed in 2014 that the AR coating on the lens was making the corona spill a deep blue...
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    Recommendations for single AA alkaline, American made, High CRI flashlight?

    Please don't ever get one. I bought one last year, and it's already stopped working.
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    Recommendations for LED flashlight

    Armytek Partner A2
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    Eiger Solid Copper QTC Lug

    Why are you using an old led?
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    Reccomend me a bright EDC flashlight.

    Is there a safety difference between those brands and AW brand sold at CPFMarketplace? Is any one brand safer with more protection than the others?
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    L3 Illumination's L10 Nichia 219

    Is Nichia going to release something brighter than the 219 soon? Where can I get a 2AA or 3AA battery tube and clicky switch for this?
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    Any Reports on Terralux Lightstar Trucolor High CRI?

    Can anyone post beamshots or compare hotspot size to XM-L2 and Nichia 219?