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    Potential silicon annode breakthrough

    Using recently discovered polyrotaxanes (mechanically interlocked molecules) as a durable binder than can withstand volumetric changes: Mike
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    ARC lenses: how to tell which side is coated?

    I ordered some arc coated lenses and my old eyes are having trouble telling which side has the AR coating. Any pointers/tricks? Mike
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    What is a good max heat temp for tailstanding lantern use with a diffuser?

    I've picked up a few diffusers for some of my non-temp regulated lights. I can monitor them with a non-contact IR thermometer. I plan to figure out what is the maximum mode I can safely use as a lantern. Would it be 130C, 140C? Mike
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    Loose tail cap magnet on Convoy C8

    I just received an order from Banggood 2 S2+ (one of them UV), a complete C8, and a C8 shell to build my own thrower. I got some tailcap magnets. The magnet is loose in one of the C8s and does not shake out but stays behind on the ferromagnetic surface when pulling the light away. I tried a...
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    Chance of getting 18500 in Convoy S2+ 18350 tube?

    I have some very compact 18500s that have a semi-flat top that is actually 1/3mm taller than the shoulder of the wrapper so it functions as a contact without a magnet or other spacer. It is 48.66mm long. I don't have an 18350 on hand but it is only 14.26mm longer than my button top 16340s so...
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    Need a Picatinny (weapon) mount thrower

    Scope rings come in 25.4mm (1"), 30mm, and 34mm. I want a very strong thrower so it will still be descent with a red filter on it. Don't mind a big long light--it will be a specialty application. Not a primary flashlight or even a primary weapon light. I don't think it is an accident that...
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    Are "9V" rechargables any good?

    I never have 9V batteries on hand when I need them and they are very expensive. Are there any good rechargeable options? Primary use will be smoke detectors and ceiling fan remotes, but there will be occasional other gadgets. I searched and found a (particularly ugly) thread from 2006 (before...
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    Does anyone know the current of a stock TN36 on Turbo?

    Because thermal throttling kicks in after 10-15 min, I can't divide battery capacity by review runtime. I can't do a tail cap measurement because the way the pack connects with both positive and negative at the head. The manual and web site for ThruNite just says that batteries need to be...
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    Driver Idea. Is it feasible? Have some 7135s connected to tiny slide switch

    Half the 7135s hard wired and half connected through a slide switch? Walk the dog vs tactical brightness with just a flip of a switch . . . Or even better, a micro rotary dip switch with hexadecimal output (2 hard wired and 2 each powered through bit 1,2,&3) . . . Mike
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    Broke a protection board. Can I still use the 4 cells in S4 flashlights?

    I was rewrapping a bunch of laptop finds and I decited to re-wrap some Samsung ICR cells. I had 8 button-top protected cells that were too long to fit my flashlights and my charger until I debuttoned them back in 2015. The slice in the top of the shrink wrap to remove the button was not a huge...
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    Worth charging high voltage chemistries over 4.2v?

    I have some laptop pull 4.3v cells (LG LGABC1865) and I decided to try the "hidden" 4.35v setting on my Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 charger. The spec sheet says not to go above 4.30 +/- 0.03v but the danger of charging is heat (after there is no more Li to move to the resistance shoots up). I charged...
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    LED and driver options for a Red thrower?

    I'm interested in a red thrower. Probably 26650 based. With the lower forward voltage either a buck or lower voltage chemistry might be a good idea. Probably looking at a 26650 host because I want the outer tube diameter to me no less than 1" and no more than 34mm. Mike
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    Opus BT - C3100 "secret voltages" work pretty much as expected

    I verified last night that the internal "4.2/4.35/3.7" slide switch functions as expected by changing the termination point of a charge. I don't have any 4.35v cells but I have some 4.30v (Samsung ICR18650-28A and LG LGABC21865) that I watched and pulled at 4.3v. The latter took about 150mAh...
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    Anyone know the deails on Tesla's new 2170 (21x700mm) cell?

    I'm guessing it is still a NCA cell. Does anyone know the technical reasons they went with a new size? Mike
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    Airtight 18650 storage using Lock & Lock containers

    I find most battery containers rather flimsy and brittle. These Lock&Lock containers are very tough. Here are the storage capacities: HPL805 180ml "6oz": Holds 6 18650s any length somewhat loosely (may want to shim) HPL806 350ml "11oz": Holds 12 18650s any length. May want to shim at...
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    What is inside ThruNite "Power" 3400mAh protected cells besides Panasonic NCR18650Bs?

    What is inside ThruNite "Power" 3400mAh protected cells besides Panasonic NCR18650Bs? Most of these have a NCR18650B inside and you can clearly see the green tint and bold lettering through the wrapper. I recently came across one with a pink cell inside. It tests out barely in the low 3.3Ahr...
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    Anyone know much about large caps?

    I am looking into getting a large capacitor to help stabilize the battery voltage in my solar battery bank at my cabin when the microwave and/or AC comes on (the microwave seems to have a particularly low PF which the inverter hates). Actually microwave 2 (in 6 years of 3-5x annual trips) is...
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    What very low forward voltage diodes are you guys using for battery reversal?

    I'm trying not to dissipate too much power. Also trying to not force the driver voltage cuttoff to a much more conservative range. I know a lot of drivers are protected but I am trying to protect the batteries from one another in case or an accidental reversal. I know Schottky diodes are...
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    "Jump Started" a LiFePO4 that arrived with a 1.66v charge state. What can I expect?

    "Jump Started" a LiFePO4 that arrived with a 1.66v charge state. What can I expect? I had a fairly large order and one LiFePO4 450mAH CR123-size (16340) cell was DOA with a 1.66v charge state. The vendor has refunded my money for that one cell. My smart charger would misidentify it as a NiCd...
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    Does anyone know where I can buy a LiFePO4 Prismatic Cell in the Phoenix Area?

    Hi new member here. I'm just getting into LED light modding. I recently picked up a THRUNITE TN36 CW and I've got the big light bug. I did a lot of DIY in the days of Linear Regulators and TTL so I'm catching up with LED technology and what's available to the DIYer (I'm an engineer by trade...