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  1. CLHC

    Klein Tools MM2000: Battery Testing(?)

    Greetings! Just found this Multi-Meter in my tool cabinet and it's been awhile. Anyway, anyone know if this can test batteries? Tried looking elsewhere online but everyone's speaking over my head even though it's in English. :thinking: Is there a straightforward layman's basic how to for...
  2. CLHC

    Background "Twinkling" LED Lights for Stained Glass Joker

    Greetings! Hope this is in the right sub-forum here. A fellow co-worker is asking for some help in what how where to "twinkling" or sparkling lights in the background for this Stained Glass Art she made: She was wondering if there's a way to make the lights turn on with some sensor? Any...
  3. CLHC

    Costco HID: 10 Years Later

    Okay since posting in the previous thread on the Costco Spotlight and receiving the battery today, I've posted some quick shots indoor/in room. Still lights up after some 10 years (Bought and received it at a Bay Area CPF Gathering in 2005)! Will see how it does this evening in my neck of...
  4. CLHC

    Have You Heard/Seen/Used Sidewinder Ti-Tri

    Anyone here on CPF know about this product Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri?
  5. CLHC

    Eagles Member Glenn Frey Dead at 67

    Just read this on USAToday:
  6. CLHC

    Morakniv/Mora Knives

    Any "love" for Mora Knives here on CPF? Here's my starter of these Made in Sweden Knives: Size comparison of the 749 to the Apple 13" MacBook Pro I bought the 748 & 749 for Kitchen utility use only. That's all for now.
  7. CLHC

    JIC Portable Heaters

    It's the cold season again and in some parts of the USA (World) some do get colder than most. Also there maybe power outages. Unfortunately in my neck of the woods this is a common occurrence during the winter season. So besides the emergency generators/flashlights/radios/water/food/FAKs, etc...
  8. CLHC

    Reflective Safety LED Belts

    Greetings Once Again! Since the days are darker earlier and longer (in my neck of the woods that is), having sufficient light(s) on one's person is a necessary item/tool. I leave for work when it's dark and get home when it's dark. By the way, my mode of using PT (Public Transportation) is the...
  9. CLHC

    FLIR for Apple iPhone

    Anyone read/saw this interesting gadget yet?
  10. CLHC

    Until Now! Neeman Northlander Forest Axe

    This particular axe (my number 6) I placed an order for back in May 2012 and just received it this past Wednesday the 15th. Neeman Northlander Forest Axe "Stalwart" Still Under Wraps Face Mask Roll Mar[quee] Grain Orientation Bold Face[d] Shimmering Bit About Face Neeman Eye...
  11. CLHC

    Other Than an Apple iPhone Charger

    Okay, here's my version of an offsite Apple iPhone charger if you will:
  12. CLHC

    Catch of the Day: Husqvarna 440 X-TORQ Chainsaw

    Here's what I picked up this morning: And the accompanying protective chaps: The ensemble minus the chainsaw Safety Jacket, Gloves...
  13. CLHC

    New to Me: Milwaukee Laser Temp Gun

    Here's what I recently picked up 5 days ago. A Milwaukee Laser Temp Gun [2277-20].
  14. CLHC

    Which Generator Transfer Switch | Which Cord

    Been looking into the Reliance Controls transfer switches and have yet to determine which one. These are the ones I'm looking at. Reliance Controls 30 A Generator Switches 31410CRK Pro/Tran Q310A Pro/Tran Q Series Reliance Controls 50 A Generator Switches 51410C Pro/Tran Q510A Pro/Tran Q...
  15. CLHC

    Silky Katanaboy

    This folding saw from Silky came today. Unsheathed Weight and Measures Safety Halfway Hard Stop Lock Before Closing Saw Blade GOM Rubber Grip The Straight of Silky Strapped on Back In Hand Specifications Length :Overall 46-3/8" (1,185mm), Blade 19-4/5"...
  16. CLHC

    'Green Mile' Actor Michael Clarke Duncan Dead at 54

    Just heard about this.
  17. CLHC

    Silky Gomboy

    Got this new Japanese folding saw yesterday. Silky Gomboy Two Locked Open Positions Weight and Measures Saw Blade Side-by-Side Comparison with Bahco Laplander In Hand Initial Counter Top Imperssions This Silky Gomboy feels great in the hand. It is relatively light in...
  18. CLHC

    Quick Buck Saw by Bob Dustrude

    This "Lever Action" type Quick Buck Saw came today. Cradled Saw Blade Saw Attachment Weight and Measures This Bob Dustrude's Quick Buck Saw is lightweight and easy to put together. The band saw is readily available from practically any hardward/big box store. Nothing...
  19. CLHC

    Trail Blazer Sawvivor Saw

    This one I got a couple of days ago. Weights and Measures Saw Blade and Attachment Saw to Frame Attachment Points Initial Counter Top Impressions This is one lightweight "packable" collapsible saw made of Aluminium. One thing I did notice is that burrs can be felt on...
  20. CLHC

    Two (2) New Victorinox Swiss Armies

    Here's the Victorinox Swiss Army Craftsman and Deluxe Tinker that came in today. Weights Peacocking That's all for now!