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    Looking for 1xAA/AAA and 2xAA/AAA lanterns

    Ok this is for my mom who does not need it to be waterproof as she uses it in the home in her room. I like the 1xAA/AAA option first over the 2cell models as I can save on batteries during a power outage. By AA/AAA I mean either AA or AAA models. Would be nice if the lantern can last more then...
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    Nite-Ize pouches

    I got this at Sorry for the long delay in reply. I was just googling for 'nite ize' in toronto when I found my old thread. Hoping with more members here now some Torontoians can give a look around and drop some more...
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    Bicycle Hacking a NiteHawk Luxeon for more lumens?

    I've got an old non digital nite hawk emitter here. Did a google search and found this CPF posting so casting resurrection right now. Has anyone modded thier nite hawk emitter? Would like to know how they did it. What is the max voltage the unit will take? IIRC has some 6v...
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    Air rifle advice :thumbsup: Paid like $90-95 CDN for it. Try finding another airgun with almost all metal and wood for that price. Last I checked (slightly over half a decade ago) you'll be paying something like $180 range before you start seeing more metal.
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    Air rifle advice

    Hey just saw your reply (I know I know... I'm casting from the book of dead :)) while looking up the old B5-10 and saw my reply here in the google search and saw the rest of the repluies. Interesting note, in Canada as far as I know there is no minimum length on shotgun barrels as long as the...
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    Bicycle Long range tight reflectors for P7/MCE?

    So what are you saying? I wire 6 XPE LED's with tight degree optics with both of them wired in parallel?:confused:
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    Bicycle Blue LED or blue tube light on bicycle downtube question. According to this site and just a general rule red & blue lighting -up front- is not allowed. It says nothing about the sides or underbelly of the car/bike. :confused::thinking: That seems to be a grey area not...
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    Bicycle Blue LED or blue tube light on bicycle downtube question.

    Just curious if having a blue downtube is legal? I'm in Canada here and I've got a Dinotte tail light which I love on strobe mode. I made a DIY cube light with a DX regulator that strobes as well which gives me an ambulance effect but I'd like to know if I can put a blue downtube on the bike...
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    Bicycle Custom Machined Light Housings + Other Hobby Machinists Bicycle Light Services

    Re: Custom Machined Light Housings I'm looking for something designed like that blue housing there but slightly larger. I like universal parts when possible so if something breaks I can swap it out easy. My thinking is 3 x MCE 900lm in a housing like that all finned out with the smallest...
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    Pet Peeves

    You know, you are in a motor vehicle. Could you not spare 10 seconds to slowly pass them or cyclists on the road? I mean you can control your speed faster then them. I drive and also ride tho I ride more then I drive by choice so I see both sides. I'm always like what's the rush for if you're...
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    Sanyo's New Eneloop Stick and Mobile Boosters Announced

    Nice unit that takes USB and AA's. Als something else to consider if going out into the bush. Seeing as AA is easier to acquire or trade in the field this would be a nice item to have. Just pop the tip off and put another one on. All tips are to my understanding...
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    Bicycle Show us your bike light set-up

    Nice bike setup. All you need is a Dinotte 140L tail light mounted on the seat pointed straight back for long range detection and you're good to go. Might have a shop weld a couple pieces of metal together then paint it with outdoor weather paint to seal it. Have the new addition screw onto the...
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    Bicycle Anyone sellers of Trail-tech connector parts and such in Canada (prefer Toronto)?

    Well if it was marked at a gift I know you're allowed up to I think $60 USD IIRC when I spoke with Canada Post on the declared amount. *wink* Tho having it shipped via USPS would have been a hell of a lot cheaper but Batteryspace forces you either FEDEX or I think UPS. UPS is notorious for the...
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    Bicycle Anyone sellers of Trail-tech connector parts and such in Canada (prefer Toronto)?

    Or with similar stock of what Batteryspace stocks? It seems they want ~$40 to ship Fedex some small parts. -.-; Thanks in advance all you night hounds :D *howls*
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    Bicycle Who/Which member offers the package rediect service?

    Been a while but once again looking for redirect service. The above link is DOA now. Can anyone link me new (proven members) threads of people that offer this? Perhaps Unforgiven's thread got deleted and a new one made? Thanks
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    Bicycle Any triple/quad red LED's out yet? Say MC-E/P7 in red?

    As the title says. Would make a killer tail light if I had two of them. :hitit:
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    Bicycle Long range tight reflectors for P7/MCE?

    Looking for something in the 5-6 degree range as I want super downrange to cut the darkness. Any recommends?
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    Bicycle What optic/reflector should I be looking for?

    I have no ieda what to search that under on KD or DX. Can you or someone else kindly direct link me to what A123 is talking about on both sides please? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Gah.. ok.. saw it.. searching for 'isolators' now.. :tired:
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    Bicycle Any ideas/success in shielding interference for wireless bike computers?

    How much are those things and where can I find one?
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    Bicycle Plant Bike Blaze 2W (yes, not a typo)

    Ok a update FYI here. I don't own this light yet but I have tested something out. You -CAN- swap the 2W head and use it on the 1/2W & 1W bodies. It's just the head that all the lighting controls are in and they did not change any mouldings which is a good thing because if you damage a housing...