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    Sold/Expired [BOTH SOLD] : Tranquillity Base and Mirage Man Ti E-series SOLD

    Classic Tranquillity Base 38mm 18500 E-series light with rare split-level 18500 knurled body Datiled L.E with XPL-Hi and 4 levels (ML-L-M-H with memory) Body parts interchangeable with other E-series parts. Very good condition SOLD $699$ $795 Shipping from UK. Tracking/Insurance included at...
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    What happened to ACEBEAM W10 and WL20?

    After publicising these two flashlights using white lasers rather than leds, they seem to have been withdrawn before ever becoming available. They were exciting because they had exceptional throw for their size. I'm speculating that it may be due to international restrictions on the use of...
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    Any such thing as a high quality flashlight with built-in COB light?

    It struck me that there are hundreds of really cheap, poor quality led flashlights with a built-in COB light in the body, but not to my knowledge any well made ones of higher quality from respected manufacturers. If this is the case, I wonder why? It is relatively easy to incorporate a COB...
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    Could Original Olight SR-90 be modded with CFT-90?

    I still have an original Olight SR-90 which was a ground-breaker in its day. Its a leviathan of a light and that huge size was to help dissipate all the heat of the Luminus SST-90 driven to its maximum spec. of 9A. Today, the SST-90 has been displaced in power and efficiency by many leds and...
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    Any new flashlights using newest generation of leds xhp70.2 xhp50.2 xp-l2 xm-l3

    Does anyone know of any new production flashlights using the very latest generation of emitters? ie. xhp70.2 xhp50.2 xp-l2 xm-l3 xp-g3 I know that modders like vinghuyen have started upgrading existing flashlights with these emitters but so far I'm unaware of many (or any)...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Ti Sinner EDC - PRICE DROP!

    SOLD - Ti Sinner 18350 EDC - Excellent Condition (Sinner lights have very minor machine marks) - Upgraded clip to McGizmo Clip (lift it slightly when removing head to avoid scratching it) - Classic Sinner UI of L/M/H/Turbo, Turbo adjusts to high after a couple of minutes - Triple Cool-white...
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    Naming of Flashlights

    This is just a lighthearted post not to be taken too seriously. Have any brand names put you off buying a flashlight? A notable one for me is Manker, which is a pity, because by all accounts they make some very promising products. However if you trade the "M" for a "W", you have a British...
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    Almost too much choice within Cree now!

    Cree are making so many different emitters now that its very confusing to know which ones would be the best to choose for different lighting situations. XHP35 XHP35-HI XHP50 XHP70 XPL XPL-HI XP-G3 XM-L2 These are just some of Cree's more current emitters that are available for selection. I...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Steve Ku Avant Ti

    I have decided to sell this unique light which is in mint condition. Please look here for more information about it. My light has all green Tritium locater vials (total of 5) which are very bright I'm selling it for the same price as I paid which is $375 SOLD Shipping with tracking and...
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    18350-sized lights make perfect EDCs?

    In my opinion single 18350-cell lights are the perfect compromise for great EDC carry. (I'm talking about lights that are of similar size to Mac's EDCs). The 18350s are virtually the same length as CR123s or 16340s, thus still enabling the light to be pretty compact in length. The extra...
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    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: WTT: My Jeff Hanko Ti Trident for your Jeff Hanko Copper Twisted Trident

    WITHDRAWN. Like it says in the title. Please let me know if you have a Copper Twisted Trident in mint condition to trade for my Titanium Twisted Trident (Gen 1) which is also in mint condition.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Prometheus (Dark Sucks) Custom Copper light (with blue tritiums)

    This is one of Jason's most beautiful lights that he custom made for me. It has been a shelf-queen sitting in my display cabinet for the few years that I've owned it ...... so its in "as new" condition. I am the first and only owner and commissioned it myself according to my own aesthetic...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Tain Titanium and Damascus 10280

    I would like to sell my pair of Ottavino 10280s - 1 Ti and 1 Dam. The Ti has an ice-blue trit and the the Dam a purple one. Dam is virtually mint and Ti is in very good condition. The Dam isn't quite as smooth at locating the 2 levels as the Ti is - they can both be reached fairly easily but...
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    Sold/Expired FOUND:- 10511 - Frosted Narrow Spot Triple-Carclo Led Optic

    Like the title says ... please let me know if you have any for sale.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: LAST PRICE DROP: Tain BeCu P0

    SOLD: Tain BeCu P0 with Bright Green Tritium (left in picture below) $345 $315 $295 Shipping/Tracking/Insurance included wherever possible Shell Material: Ti-6AL4V Ti Shell - 30 units available (total 60 units made) Beryllium Copper BeCu Shell (HRC38~45) - total 15 units made Specs...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: PRICE DROP 2: JHANKO 3-D Ex11.2 (12X12 Green Trits)

    SOLD 1) EX11.2 (12 X 12 BRIGHT GREEN TRITIUMS)$775 $745 $725 (Shipping + Tracking + Insurance included where possible) SOLD 2) LF2XT (10 X 10 ICE BLUE/ ICE-BLUE & RED) $975 (Shipping + Tracking + Insurance included where possible) BOTH LIGHTS USE HIGH CRI NICHIA 219s, BOTH IN EXCELLENT...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Classic McGizmo McluxIII-T

    Up for sale is a rare classic, the McGizmo McluxIII-T which spawned Don's Titanium lights. This design is a beauty, slightly shorter and slimmer than the PD's which themselves are more compact than the Haiku. I find it one of the sleekest lights to look at and with the no-nonsence 2-stage twist...
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    PMs: Ms. SS

    Sorry to write this here, but I tried to PM you and your quota of PMs has been exceeded. Please could you clear some space? :)