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    Sold/Expired How to waste everyone's time [better title for this thread]

    I thought I already posted this for sale but could not find it. Am I not allowed to post parts for sale? Sorry if I did not follow rules, please excuse me and direct me please. Thanks!
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    Building Maglite - Need some Specialized assistance!

    I'm currently in the interest of upgrading my 3D Maglite! I am searching for the parts to do the Mod, I've found an LED i would like to use, here is the link.. I would like to know if i need to put a driver or anything on this or can i safely...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Aspherical Lens for Maglite. Where to buy and How much cost?

    I want to purchase an aspherical Lens for my maglites. I found a drop in CREE with aspherical but was sold out, any other combinations with the aspherical lens? Also, anyone on here sell the lens? Where can I buy one at the cheapest price?
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Maglite BEZEL

    Looking to buy a custom Maglite Bezel for the 2-6cell maglites. I am going to be getting an aspherical lens for my maglite and wanted a LARGE or LONG bezel to extend beyond the tip of the glass lens so that it protects it from getting bumped or messed up. I've seen a few bezels but none of...
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    Maglite with TONS of LEDs fitted

    I have bunch maglites and one thing I would like to do is try and fit a bunch of small 3mm or 5mm LEDs into the head of the Maglite. One thing I need to find is a reflector of some kind that would allow me to mount, lets say, 20-50 small LEDs.. I have a bunch of different color LEDs left over...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Upgrade Parts for MagLite 2 or 3 Cell Lights

    I got a couple Maglites lying around at the house, I've been browsing this site many times and seems like a lot of my knowledge isnt enough to understand what PARTS i need to purchase to do an upgrade on a MagLite. I really dont know the best way to go about upgrading a Maglite, I'm not great...
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    Sold/Expired FS: MagLite LED Upgrade Kit - Color Options

    MagLite Solitaire LED Upgrade Kit! Kit Cost: $5.00 (shipped to US only - International may discuss additional shipping fees) Kit Includes: LED - Color Option of Blue, Green, Red, White Battery - Custom Button Battery Pack Spacer - Custom wooden spacer grooved for a Resistor Resistor...
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    MagLite Solitaire LED Upgrade Kit

    MagLite Solitaire Upgrade Kit I've been working on this project for quite some time, I've made a great deal of progress from testing batteries, to building spacers with Resistors, and modifying LEDs to fit the head assembly of the Solitaire. I've ordered some more LEDs (100 to be exact) and I...