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    Looking for suggestions for somewhat technical situation

    Greetings from an old member… I know I haven’t posted for a long time. Doesn’t mean that I’m not around; I still check the forum once in a while. So glad that this forum is continuously thriving. I have a bit of technical situation and I like to get some recommendations from CPF members and...
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    Sold/Expired Sold/Withdrawn: Droid 58, MJ Maxlite AA

    I've been gone from CPF for a while. Work/personal stuffs/getting old... I am finally cleaning up good part of my storage; I figure these will be more useful to someone else than to me at this point. I don't have a good feel of fair values of these items anymore so I am going to price them at...
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    Sold/Expired Sold: Spy 007

    I'm not sure I really want to do this but this light deserves better treatment than staying in my drawer. S/N 275, in mint/as delivered condition, other than 2 yellow trits installed (can be removed easily if you prefer). Unused except few white wall hunting sessions. Original Pelican case...
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    Sold/Expired SPY 005 (Found New Home)

    After enjoying SPY 005, and now acquired SPY 007, I like to pass on to someone a chance to appreciate a great light. Please, read the whole post before you jump. I am looking for a new home for my beloved SPY 005, s/n 0070, from the original run. This one is 600mA flavor; great runtime and you...
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    Sold/Expired Mini-Mini Mags (Withdrawn)

    L4, pictured on the far left was SOLD. 3 Modded Mini-Mags: One on the left, CR2 version of MM, NG500 sammy driving SSC-USXOH LED, McR-18S reflector, sapphire lens. Beautiful bright beam with nice hot spot and usable spil, outshining most of MMs out there. Next, CR2 minimini as received from...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Custom Ti-Aleph (SOLD)

    **Sold** This very rare and unique all Ti Aleph light is looking for a new home. Bezel Ring, 1x123 body, and Tailcap by McGizmo A19 Cutdown Head by TB Sapphire Lens and McR-18 reflector McClicky Aleph LE was built by Chop with NG400, driving Luxeon UXOJ (LED was upgraded) This is a beautiful...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Custom Aleph & MiniMag Parts (SOLD)

    Clean-up sale. All items are new/unused/as received condition unless noted. Since I cannot deal with many small transaction at this time, they are grouped into 2 big batches and priced really nice (not for me, for the buyer). Please don't ask for partial deals, wait until someone buys and then...
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    Sold/Expired FS: CR2 Mini-Mini Mag (Retracted)

    In order to offset an upcoming expense (irs related), these CR2 lights are offered for sale. All prices include domestic shipping with insurance. Overseas shipping will be extra. I can take MO or non-CC paypal. Sorry, not set up for CC transaction. First post here will take priority. No trade...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Ti Aleph Tailcap (Any Style)

    Needs to be compatible with McClicky, and in very good condition. Please PM your offer. Thanks.
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    Luxeon vs. Cree focal point difference

    Using Cree LED with Luxeon reflectors, how much do I need to move up (or down) in order to be in focus? Those already tried and figured out, please share your knowledge with the rest of us, mechanically less inclined. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: McLux III-PD

    Dark slate (black) color, with upgraded clip and Ti bezel ring, no trit vial option. Shelf light - excellent/new condition (couple of tweaks however, see below). TWOJ bin has pure white tint, usual perfect beam shape. Kilroy switch was adjusted for almost hair-trigger distance. From dim to...
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    Sold/Expired FS: MaxLite AA (SOLD)

    As new, essentially same condition as arrived from LightHound. 2-stage switch works great. I'm including SF z57 clickie (for free) with crisp action, which works great with MaxLite. The light was tested with alkaline, lithium, and Ni-MH, and all work great. UWOJ bin LED is perfectly centered...
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    Best single AA LED light

    If you are getting only 1 single-AA light, and if the cost wasn't an issue, what would you get? And why?
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    KL1 vs. KL4 for 1x123 light

    For 1x123 SF style body, such as E1 or E1e, which one produces more light? Other than obvious beam pattern difference, what else differs between these two? Are there any other options that have certain advantages I should be considering? Your general comments or sharing your experiences would...
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    Fact or Fiction – the truth about LEDs

    Nice article about LEDs. (Wasn't sure this is the proper location to post. Admin - move this as you see fit. Thanks.)
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    Luxeon K2

    It is mentioned in their website. What is it? Does anyone have any more information? TIA.
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    Need Help: UK 2AAA eLED

    Anybody tried this light with new Lithium AAA batteries? I do not have the light yet, so I emailed the question to UK, and they replied promptly stating: 1. Lithium batteries were not tested in the light yet. 2. Lithium batteries are not approved for use in hazardous applications. I understand...
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    Surefire question -SW01 & SW02 tailcap

    What's the difference between these tailcaps? TIA.
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    Please help: Small pocket folder

    Need your help/recommendations/suggestions on a nice small folder. I am not a collector, I intend to use this one gently, and carry most of times. What I'm looking for; Blade - 1 1/2" to 2 1/8". General utility style, clip or drop point, plain edge (not serrated). Closed Size - 3" max...
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    The future seems brighter (for HB LEDs)

    Just attended 2 day conference on HB (High Brightness) LED industries last week. Was in San Mateo, CA, and this is an annual event. Many subjects were covered, but I will try to summarize what CPFers might be interested. All of the major players were present. LED mfrs, equipment mfrs, lighting...