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    FCW #18 Nov. 4th-6th Swartswood State Park, NJ

    Always great seeing everyone and it was a great get together! On my way out I stopped at the lake and I asked myself……. Why didn’t we drive down to the beach for a group beamshot! Lake was huge, would have been great seeing all those LEP’s, HID’s and throwers hitting the far side. Next time!
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    FCW #18 Nov. 4th-6th Swartswood State Park, NJ

    Whole lot too catch up on, looking forward to it Ray!
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    What a combo! Congrats.
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    FCW #18 Nov. 4th-6th Swartswood State Park, NJ

    Looking forward to it! More the merrier folks!
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    NEW! Fenix E-CP Powerbank Flashlight

    Looks like a winner. Now, if they offered it in orange …… Any idea of the K temp?
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    SOLD: HDS Rotary 123 Body, Surefire F04 Diffuser

    Somebody with a 3D printer needs to make these!
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    Help Identifying HDS Sapphire vs Glass lenses

    Long time ago a smart fellow told me that a sapphire lens was cooler to the touch than a UCL if they were side by side . I actually have compared several over the years and I agree……. I swear I stopped drinking!
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    Surefire classics

    Ultra left. Price lowered on U2
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Did the clip come from Thor? Does not look like the stock one. I have a pocket slip from Dan without a clip. Best accessory ever!
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    Polarion PH50D

    Still Looking
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    RIP SilverFox

    R.I.P. Prayers to the family.
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    I’ve used them. Depends on the brand, also I’ve found the ones with the usb charge port are too big. Just go lightly and you’ll get a feel for it.
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    Recently released Olight Classic 2 Pro

    The way things are going we may be obsolete before our lights are. However, the only batteries that went bad on me so far are replaceable ones. My old WiseLed , Lupines and several others along with a few Fenix lanterns are going strong. Time will tell. Back on topic……. Nice lantern.
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    Recently released Olight Classic 2 Pro

    Sounds like a great lantern, I might give it a go. Replaceable batteries are a thing of the past .
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    Polarion PH50D

    Crazy as it seems I’m wondering if anyone has a Polarion PH50D tucked away in a closet that they would be interested in trading away. Have some high end knives and some lights as bartering chips. Some solar gear , titanium pendants also. Even a descent partial trade would be entertained. Had a...
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    Lantern update?

    Upgrades…….. Warmer temp in general ( 3500 - 4500 ) . Amber secondary mode would make it the perfect lantern. ( No Red ) Everything else is great. If its not broke…don’t fix it!
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    Weltool M3vn - Long Runtime Gooseneck Work Light R

    Not sure if I can resist this one. Great form and battery options. Spec E seems the way to go…….
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    Headlight vs flashlight

    Good question! I bet in the last year I’ve used a headlamp 90% of the time . When I camp its a headlamp, head to the cellar its a headlamp, just winding up a room remodeling job and almost every time I needed a light grabbed the headlamp, especially for spackling, sanding and painting. Redid...
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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    Not sure if its been mentioned here so… Honda has a new eu3200i that was released. More power, less weight and has fuel injection, A little pricy as all Honda’s are but well worth it.