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    Acebeam X50

    You're welcome. There is also a newer High 95 CRI version:
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    Acebeam X50

    Thanks; I really do think that this is a very important light. The 5000K looks, to my eyes, to be white, not blue nor yellow nor green. My personal subjective tendency is to prefer blue tint, because I do not like yellow. My personal perception is that cold/blue looks brighter than neutral or...
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    Acebeam X50

    I got mine yesterday. It compares favorably with the X45. More lumens in the form of a wider beam, both of which are provided by more emitters in a smaller head diameter with smaller reflector wells with more overlap. I selected 5000K neutral white. Nice tint, and oodles of very wide, extremely...
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    Acebeam X80 locked out

    Did you try press and hold two or three seconds? Or seven seconds press and hold?
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    Acebeam fast charging coke can size 40,000lm 800m throw X50 is presenting

    I sent a serious inquiry to my USA supplier. This will be my seventh Acebeam light. Two (2) X65, X45, K70, K75, EC50, and soon, X50.
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    Acebeam X50

    I have a feeling that HARDUSVD70 just got his Acebeam X50!
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    Acebeam X50

    This is the url that appears in between img tags...
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    Acebeam X50

    I like this configuration. I think this is going to be my seventh Acebeam light. I look forward to seeing a size comparison picture. This light will go very nicely with my Acebeam X45 that I have used regularly for more than a few years. I like large dedicated throwers, large power throwers, and...
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    Acebeam X50 I like this configuration.
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    Acebeam W40 and W50 “Adopts the world's most high-end blue laser to stimulate yellow phosphor to form white laser, enhance the patented technology and unique optical system, so that the laser light source life of up to 10,000 hours, coupled with a reasonable cooling...
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    ACEBEAM X80 GT 32500 Lumens

    Until seery is on, Better: It is about runtime versus max discharge amps. Higher max discharge comes with less runtime capacity, and more runtime capacity comes with lower max discharge amps. Max peak performance versus runtime. 1. Should fit.
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    Acebeam W40 and W50

    I emailed Acebeam, and created new topics to ask about exciting future releases, and finally, email replied inviting me to see the Acebeam facebook page. There are several reasons why I mostly always avoid facebook. Two exceptions, for me, only once in a while, are Kaspersky Antivirus and...
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    Acebeam W40 and W50

    All people who post about RFI to Acebeam about future products report the same exact thing: Acebeam never replies to RFI about future products. I even went as far as to post a whole entire new topic in their forum (something that I usually do not do in anyone's special subforum) and the net...
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    Multiple SBT90.2 and Acebeam?

    I have the Acebeam K75 single SBT90.2 And two (2x) X65. and K70. and EC50. Will there be a large and/or very large Acebeam multiple SBT90.2 flashlight? I have been waiting for something similar to X65, but upgraded to 5 x SBT90.2 instead of 5 x XHP35. Other manufacturers have released large/very...
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    Acebeam X65 is Releasing

    seery posted this link: Has anyone any news?
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    Acebeam new X10 7000lm CRI≥90 flashlight now presenting

    If the normal length unprotected 21700 cells are too short, silder blob top, or spring solder top, or longer or stretched springs should suffice.
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    Best way to contact Acebeam?

    Re: [Need driver for Supbeam X40] Best way to contact Acebeam? Did your Supbeam X40 retain its original factory driver after it was modded by Skylumen, or did Skylumen supply his custom driver? Which driver is in the light now? Is there any modder that can supply a custom driver for your Supbeam...
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    Acebeam X65 is Releasing

    I agree with you that the original maxi head is preferred over the mini head for several reasons, especially when there will be a GT version with more heat generated. It looks like there is a picture posted out there somewhere on the world wide web, showing not five SBT90.2 emitters, but...
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    Acebeam X65 is Releasing

    I think that you and I are at the top of the X65 fan club. I skipped the Mini. On the AceBeam website, I see 2020 New Product > a small pictorial representation of a red box with red bow on top and yellow tape around the box, labeled "X65GT". I hope it is on the original head, not the Mini...
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    Acebeam X65 is Releasing

    Dear Acebeam, You know how much I love the Acebeam X65. I fell in love with X65 before it was released. I bought two (2) X65. Please, please tell me if there is a X65GT coming soon? Can I send you money now to get an early test sample? Love, richbuff

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