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    Operation Afghanistan Christmas Lights

    Sorry guys that it has been so long but I need your help. We have a sniper platoon deep in the hills of Afghanistan that needs a great Christmas and as in the past, I am asking for help. I hope this is the right place for this thread and if not I am sorry. Below are the details as shown on...
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    Sanyo 2500mAh NiMh button top AA

    Just a short note to let everyone know we will have these in stock next week. CPF price will be $2.00 This post is probably better suited for the dealers forum but heck it is a battery. Please move it if deemed necessary.
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    Pelican M6 black clicky switches

    I have just received the first order of Pelican incandescent model 2320 M6 flashlights with BLACK CLICKY SWITCHES. Took long enough, but they are finally shipping them. My guess is that they should all be clickies pretty quickly now.
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    Pelican M6 lamp module change

    I just got an order of regular incan Pelican M6 lights today and noticed that it would not focus. I also noticed an improved spot. In taking the light apart, I noticed that the spring and teflon washer were gone and now the lamp and reflector are one unit. It would appear that this is a more...
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    Favorite Coffee Bean?

    I would like to know from the coffee greats of CPF what their favorite coffee bean is and what part of the world it comes from. I am in search of something else that is as great as Kenya AA to take a crack at roasting. Thanks all!
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    Flashaholics Anonymous

    My wife is sitting here with me while I browse the threads and says "You need to start a Flashaholics Anonymous Group". I thought CPF WAS a flashaholics anonymous group. I did give her a E1E/KL1.
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    Flashaholics Anonymous

    UBB22-ML-308680-ML- Moved to the Cafe
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    The CR123 battery shootout.

    Here are the results of a discharge on three fresh 123 batteries at 500mah load. Sanyo CR123- 1341mah Surefire 123- 1220mah Lisun Arc 123- 1188mah I did not have another fresh tek cell and the lithium analyzer is only three stations. I would say that all three did very well. Sanyo rates...
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    Arc LS Battery Idea

    I am going to weld 2 NT25AFK 1/3A cells together and create this rechargeable CR123 size cell. The physical aspects look very good. What is going to stink is a) the capacity and b) the lower voltage. It may be a complete joke. At 250mah capacity and only 2.4v to start with it can't be...
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    Microsoft Virus Warning

    I have received this virus a dozen times in the last day. It appears to originate at [email protected].com and it is NOT at all from Microsoft. It has a file attachment with various subject headings like "your details", "confirmation", etc. Do not open it. It will eat your machine. This is...
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    Surefire LED lights??? Best choice???

    I was told that the M2 w/KL3 was the one to have but now have so many opinions and choices that I am totally confused. Ideas please from you Surefire experts.
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    Arc LS vs. Surefire E1E/KL1

    Can someone please tell me the biggest difference between these two lights? Are they comperable? I bet I end up buying both of them......

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