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    Is it a great charger ? Soshine 1.5" LCD Universal Charger

    Hello Is somebody try this charger ? Soshine 1.5" LCD Universal Charger for Li-ion / LiFePO4 26650 18650 9V Ni-MH C AA AAA 9V It look like nice but it is really good ? Thank you.
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    Same brand, same led, same output but different runetime. Why ?

    Hello i.m looking for two jeatbeam flashlight Both use 2 AA with XP-G(R5) leds PA20 230 lumens 1h30. / BA20 270 lumens 1h45 ??? PA20 16 lumens 26h30 / BA20 30 lumens 35h ??? PA 20 have better runetime with higher output. how it is possible? thank you.
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    hello I need help for choosing between Nitecore MT2A and JetBeam PA20

    hello I need help for choosing . I can buy Nitecore MT2A and JetBeam PA20 for exactly the same price 39€ shipping cost include. ( and it's the price i can spend) My problem. Each one look like the same and i don't know witch one is better. I read several review, but my English is bad and...
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    someboddy know this flashlight "FandyFire 5 x Cree XM-L T6"

    Hello in DX i found this flashlight " FandyFire 5 x Cree XM-L T6 4000LM 5-Mode White Light Flashlight - Dark Grey (4 x 18650)" Is somebody know if it's a great flashlight ? I read a review about "Fandyfire" with 3 XM-l T6 in CPF but nothing about this flashlight. Thank you
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    AA flashlight with infinit brightness

    Hello i'm looking for a AA flashlight with infinite brightness , reverse clicky ( tactical clicky) and no other mods ( no strob....) Is somebody know a great one ? thank you
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    Best 18650 charger

    hello is someboddy know a good 18650 charger ? thank you
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    LD01 versus L0D ?

    Hy. i have a Fenix L0D and i love it. I just see that Fenix make a new light, the LD01. I don't understand what's new in this new light. 5 more lumens than the L0D and only tree fuctions ( no more strob or SOS) ???? it'll be best to have a low battery protection...
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    test or news about insight typhoon H2X II

    hy. is somebody have news or ad test tne insight typhoon h2x II What led it have ? (how many lumens ?) is it possible to use rechargeable ? i go to insight technologie web site, but i can't find it, why ?... Thank you
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    +1500 lumen diving ledlight

    hello all. i'm looking for a home made, custom led diving light. i need more than 1500 lumens ( i know the wiseled") and something for 300 foot underwather. is somebody one CPF able to make it ? thank you
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    Rotating switch "gladius like" ?

    Hello ... I love my gladius, but with new SCC P7 and other powerfull leds, it's time to change. Well. Is there on the market a new "tactical" flashlight ( more than 200 lumens) with a Tailcap Switch and Rotary Dial like the gladius one ? I definitively don't like the sequential clicky Switch...
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    somebody try the Romisen RC-T5 4-Cree 3-Mode LED

    Hello is somebody try the DX "Romisen RC-T5 4-Cree 3-Mode LED " it seems to be a great light but..... :grin2: thank you
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    surfire G2 with cree drop in

    hy every body... do you think it is possible to put a DX CREE drop in for 6p in a surfire G2 Due to the fact g2 have a polymer body do you think the drop in 'll be to hot ? thank you
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    1 level 500 lumens 3 cree / ssc

    Hello as every body, i found on the web 3 or 4 3xleds (cree or seoul) But they all have "problems". some are low driven, 750mah and i prefer 1A, others have a not very usefull tailcap and functions ( low then high, then strob...) others use 6 CR123... Well, i'm looking for a 3leds at 1A with...
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    is somedoby test the MX Power 3-Cree 3-Mode LED ?

    Hello , i found on DX a MX Power 3-Cree 3-Mode LED Flashlight (4xCR123A) The only thing we know is it have 3 mods, high, low and strob, it use 4 cr123A. no runetime, no info about regulation.... is somebody trie it ? thank you
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    Powerfull ir flashlight ?

    Hello, i'm looking for a powerfull IR Flashlight to use with NVG. I need to see far, so i need throw. Is somebody can help me to chose ? i want a Led flashlight. Thank you :thumbsup:
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    what about inova 24/7

    Hello, I'm looking for a security light and i found the inova 24/7 it seems to be what i need But.... This light was built in 2004, so with obsolet leds according to the new led generation ( cree, seoul....) Do you thing it is always a good item or may i wait some time to find better ? Is...
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    diving leds light

    Hello, Where can i found CREE or Seoul Diving lights ? It's to use with a camera so i need lots of lumens. Is somebody made a custom one ? Best regards
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    ssc p4 combat flashlight

    hello every body.... Just a little post to say that for me, the best combat flashlight are Gladius and Streamlight TLR2 moded with SSC p4 i've got them for 2 month now and, well, it's the best of the best. no need of gun now :twothumbs just the flashlignt. Incredible power, great throw and...
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    Regulation in streamlight TLR

    Hello every body... just a question is there regulation in the streamlight TLR1 or TLR2 ( weapon mounted light) Thank you
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    pila 168s, 17670 or 18650 for gladius .

    Hello, i've got a gladius ( 2 cr123) and i want to use rechargeables but not rcr123 what is the best ? pila 168s, 17670 or 18650 ( protected of course) Thank you ps, what is the difference between these batteries ? Tk again

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