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  1. sizzlechest


    ***SOLD*** The ultimate mag-mod host light = SPECTRUM :drool: A classic MAG85 set up with the ULTRA RARE Maglite Spectrum host. Selling price reflects the never-to-be-found again spectrum. These are IMPOSSIBLE to find and needs a new home. Shelf queen condition. Mag85 components...
  2. sizzlechest

    Sold/Expired WTB- Yaesumofo's custom splash anodized

    I'm interested in buying some lights from this splash anodized run. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: Let me know what ya got! Thanks, Tim
  3. sizzlechest

    Sold/Expired Kiu SS mag strike bezel **WITHDRAWN**

    I had this listed in the market place, perhaps this is better suited to the custom thread. The VL is remaining and has aqua glow installed. (1) VL (smooth)= **WITHDRAWN**
  4. sizzlechest


    I recently was forced to remove my "real" fireplace from the house but I gotta say the "fireplace TV" channels that appear this time of year are GREAT! I would recommend anyone to record these channels while they appear for the short time around Christmas. After the enjoyment of having them on...
  5. sizzlechest

    remote helicopter

    While ordering my last batch of flashlights from deal extreme I just had to pick up one of their cheap remote control helicopters- I gotta say, its pretty funny. Really easy to fly and actually designed to be flown in the house. My kids are getting a huge kick out of it. A ton of laughs...
  6. sizzlechest

    Hands off my torches?!

    For lack of a better place I have chosen to "display" a couple of my larger spotlights in my office. Problem is my co-worker non-flashaholics seem to think they should come in pick them up, mess around with them, turn them on, you name it. WORST is that when someone needs a light for any...
  7. sizzlechest

    35 watt HID at Sams Club!

    I was at my local sams club and they had two new additions to the flashlight aisle! The 1st was a 20 million candlepower spotlight I had never seen before. $29. Not too exciting. The 2nd was a 35 watt HID spot light $98! Now I've got the HF HID in the left hand and the costco HID in the...
  8. sizzlechest

    Blackhawk night-ops gladius

    I was checking out LA Police Gear and noticed they had this light for $159 + free holster + free freight.......I'm trying to be strong.......I can't resist...... Please help me.....
  9. sizzlechest

    Halloween = flashlight excuse nite!!!!

    Did I miss an existing thread for this? Halloween rules for flashlights!!!! How many flashlights did you carry? Walking my kids trick or treating I went with a modest 5 flashlights: 2- inovas 2- minimag hotwires 1- mag 11 mod What did you go with?
  10. sizzlechest

    Legos rule

    About the only toys I saved from childhood were my legos. I had an amazing collection of old school legos- none of this new "can't-tell-there-legos" style like the kids have now adays. The ones where you had to use your imagination to create some fantastic scuptures/vehicles. Anyways, I...
  11. sizzlechest

    I'm broke!

    This flashlight addiction thing is killin' me. I have no damn money left and I have over 100 flashlights now + counting. No end in sight. Please help.
  12. sizzlechest

    river rock headlamp $3.74 target

    I looked for another post on this and didn't see anything. I was at my target and they had the $15 river rock headlamps for $3.74!
  13. sizzlechest

    LED string lighting help

    Can someone help me find: LED christmas style twinkle lights- clear bulbs with WHITE strings, not green......I can't believe that these would be so difficult to locate. Any links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. sizzlechest

    Cyclops X-90 Xenon/LED Headlamp?

    Any thoughts on this light? Dual Xenon bulb and 3 LEDs Approximately 60 hours for the LED bulbs Approximately 4 hours for the Xenon bulb
  15. sizzlechest

    Event industry? LED's ? HELLO!!!

    I am at a trade show in dallas texas for event and production designers. I am amazed at the very little exposure LED technology is receiving in our industry. (Party and event design) LED techology is the answer to a so many of the long-term problems of event lighting design- we all know it...
  16. sizzlechest

    green lazer

    HEY! I am still learning everything I can about LED lights & loving every minute of it. I can't wait to learn about lazers- here's a deal I saw today.....?
  17. sizzlechest

    Surefire X200 Flashlight

    I saw this for sale on Craig's list- because the "surefire" brand is out of my budget- I thought I would give you all the link. May be a good deal for someone.
  18. sizzlechest

    Fenix L1P - where to buy?

    Okay, okay, you've sold me on this product.......I'm gettin' one. Where can I get the best price and service to buy one? Thanks!
  19. sizzlechest

    Fish bright lantern attachments!!

    Hello, I come from the Ice fishing/camping background and this is one of the greatest products I've come across. If you don't have this on your gas lantern you are truly missing out. Best $15 I ever spent. Check out this link:
  20. sizzlechest

    Smith & Wesson Luxeon Flashlight Combo

    You get three- 1 watt luxeon lights at Costco for $49.99- is it just me or is this a great deal?[/url]

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