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    Sold/Expired Custom P60 Host + 26650 2nd **SOLD**

    I have 2 lights up for sale 1) 6al-4v Titanium P60 18650 host with McClicky and Crenulated Bezel. I have tested this with my Triple Drop-In and a few of the standard reflector style drop-ins and they all work perfectly. $399 Bare host or $499 with a copper triple Drop-in with your choice of...
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    Sold/Expired 26650 Titanium XM-L Series *SOLD*

    I have 2 available one is a brushed finished the other is polished. These both have the Fluted Head and Tail option as pictured. 1) Brushed Finish $475 Delivered (US) + $11 for International *SOLD* 2) Polished $499 Delivered (US) + $11 for International *SOLD* -Integrated McClicky Switch and...
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    Sold/Expired Brass Knurly's Purple & Corvette Yellow Cerakote Nichia UV

    I have a few lights up for sale 1) Brass Knurly EDC's with 6000k Tri-XPG2 Modules at 2.8a Max @ 837 Lumens OTF using a AW 18350 (3-mode driver) $275 Delivered Each (US) + $11 for International 2) Corvette Yellow (Cerakote) Tri-EDC with Clip, 5000k Tri-XPG2 Modules at 2.8a Max @ 837 Lumens OTF...
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    Sold/Expired After Xmas Special Cerakoted Lights *SOLD*

    I have a few light left from a previous Cerakote run available for immediate shipment. All Lights use the XPG2 Tri-LED module 47 Lumens Low 275 Lumens Medium 830+ lumen on High 1) Black 26650 with Finned and Fluted Head + Fluted Tail $275 + Shipping *SOLD* 2) Tungsten 26650 with Finned and...
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    Black Friday Sale **CLOSED**

    From now until *Midnight* tonight EST time take 25% off of any of my Tri-EDC lights in any finish with the new XPG2 Led's. PM me with **Black Friday Sale** in the subject line. -Integrated McClicky Switch and Silicone Boot -Tri Cree Module using the new XPG2 Led's -Low 47 Lumens / Medium...
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    Full Custom One of a Kind Titanium 35/50 watt HID Light

    I built this a while back for a friend of mine that is a Titanium Lover :) -Modamag Custom Reflector 4" -Modamag 18650 4s2p Battery Holder -XeVision 35/50 Watt Ballast (Twist Handle for Low/High) -3500 Lumen Low / 5400 Lumen High -Used D2S HID Lamps -Full 6al-4v Titanium Construction -Custom...
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    XPG2's Arrived Today :)

    I just built my first Tri-EDC moments ago using the new XPG2's and am very happy with the Bin color I received. The color is a nice neutral color with no bluish tint and output on high tipped the Sphere at 837 OTF Lumens!
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    Sold/Expired 1d M*g Blow out buy one get on FREE

    I have the last of the M*g's I had available now at a super discount. These have my 3 level 2.8a max drop-ins and also include the newer style rebel with deep reflector for awesome throw. For $149 you get one with my drop-in and one standard light cut-down to the shortest 1d size with recessed...
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    Sold/Expired Custom Finished Tri-EDC's

    I have a few hosts that have been kicking aroung for a while and I was playing with different finishes. These lights have been discounted from the regular prices. Your LE choice of XP-G Neutral or Cool, Nichia 219's, or Neutral XP-E for more throw. Shipping is $6 (US) or $17 (International) Add...
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    Sold/Expired 3x Lights Cerakoted XM-L Series

    I have 3 extra lights that where coated during my last Cerakote run a couple months ago. *SOLD* Top-Tungsten Cerakote with a 4500k Neutral XM-L 3 mode driver 2.8a Max 18650 $199 + Shipping Middle-Tungsten Cerakote with a 3500k (High CRI color temp) XM-L 3 mode driver 2.8a Max 18650 $225 +...
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    Stonewashed Titanium

    Should I make this an option?
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    Sold/Expired Ti Tri-EDC + Clip + Crenulated Bezel + Glow

    I have a couple extra Tri-EDC's available with Clip + Crenulated Bezel + Glow optic posts using GITD powder. Special price is $399 + Shipping
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    Tri-EDC Glow

    I saw a post a picture on this and tried it with great results :) I may offer it as a option.
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    New Tri-EDC Crenulated Head

    This is my newly designed crenulate head for the Tri-EDC. It is still pocket friendly and adds no length to the light.
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    (NEW) In stock Items

    When I make lights I usually make them in batches and sometime's have extra's. I will be posting them here from now on. Please PM me if interested and **do not post on this thread** In stock as of 9/25 Brass Tri-EDC's 4 Copper P60 Drop-ins with your choice of Warm (High CRI) Neutral or Cool...
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    Copper P60 Tri-XP-G Modules

    I just cleared up all the P60 backlog and have around 10 pieces that need homes. These are available to ship within a couple of days after you give me your tint preference. Please PM me if interested. -Available with Cree XP-G and XP-E Tri LED Modules (XP-G more overall Lumens XP-E more throw)...
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    Drop-In XM-L Modules for M*g

    I have 10 Drop-in's available. These are the same as the previous one's I made but without the engraving. Price is the same $99 per Drop-In + $6 Shipping (US) and $17 Shipping International. Please send...
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    Sold/Expired Lux-RC FL33 Ceramic

    Super Nice light with the latest multi-mode board in 18500 size. Special ordered with a 1550ma max drive level for 800+ OTF Lumens in Neutral Tint. These are typically sold out before they are even made. $325 + Shipping ****SOLD****
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    Sold/Expired ***SOLD***18350 XM-L with Rustic Finish

    Here we have a Custom 18350 series with a Neutral XM-L. Output on high is just shy of 700 OTF Lumens -Integrated McClicky Switch and Silicone Boot -German Quality Mineral Glass Lens -Chemkote coated Light Engine -O-Ring Sealed Throughout (Water Resistant) -6al-4v Titanium -XM-L Neutral LED...
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    Sold/Expired 2000 OTF Lumen Prototype 2x 26500 *SOLD*

    This is a project I worked on for a while and never went ahead with making more. -Tri Cree XM-L Cool Tint -Cute-3 9.5 Degree optic -5 Mode Driver Low-Med-High-Strobe-SOS with mode memory -2x 26500 cells -Test at 2000 lumens on High with my Home made calibrated Sphere -McClicky Switch -Fully...

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