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  1. SCEMan

    Indoor video cameras for viewing students

    My daughter is starting a performing arts studio and wants parents to be able to view their children practicing in the studio from TVs/monitors in an adjacent office area. Any suggestions on how to easily/economically set this up? Thanks in advance...
  2. SCEMan

    Automatic knives, valid for use?

    I live in a state where automatic knives are legal to carry. What's the general consensus, are they a viable option or just a gimmick?
  3. SCEMan

    Light to illuminate a Turkish lamp

    We just moved into a new house and hung a beautiful Turkish mosaic lamp we picked up in Istanbul. It looks amazing when illuminated, but candles are too dim to do it justice. Does anyone have a battery powered light recommendation that can safely be used for several hours at a time?
  4. SCEMan

    What would you do with this knife?

    I bought a Spyderco UK Penknife (3" CTS BD1 drop point hollow-ground blade) a few years ago for a British Isles vacation and won’t be using it in Europe again. It’s been sitting in the drawer as I don’t know what to do with it. It’s lightweight and the wire pocket clip is great for very...
  5. SCEMan

    Looking for decent quality non-metal AAA light

    I have several situations where I use my mouth to hold a light while doing close-up work. I typically only require less than a minute to complete the task and the light positioned in my mouth is perfectly focused for my purposes. Not looking to spend much, just a simple nylon/plastic single AAA...
  6. SCEMan

    Looking for a quality T-Shirt

    I’d like to find a medium to heavyweight cotton t-shirt with a strong neck hugging collar. Regular fit (not too tight) for athletic build, solid colors with or without pocket. I bought a number of quality t-shirts a decade ago at Cabelas that were perfect but they no longer carry them. Thanks...
  7. SCEMan

    Lifesaving Flashlight Story

    Blast from the past...
  8. SCEMan

    Hero flashlight saves life!
  9. SCEMan

    Any experience with this knife?

    Picked it up for my upcoming vacation. Who can identify it without Googling?
  10. SCEMan

    Interesting article on Maglite and "Made In USA" federal bill

    Saw this in this morning's paper:
  11. SCEMan

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Nitecore EC4S XHP50 2150 lumen

    Mint condition with no marks or scratches on body or lens. Functions perfectly with a “neutralish” pure white beam. Intuitive 2 button UI. Narrow profile allows comfortable pocket carry. Includes 2 sets of unprotected 18650 batteries: 2x NCR18650PF button top 2x NCR18650GA flat top w/rare...
  12. SCEMan

    Sold/Expired *SOLD* Cryos + M2500 P60 3000+ LED Lumen + Solarforce L2M

    M2500 MT-G2 5000K P60 from Vinh’s original run 3.8A Current Regulated 2% - 25% - 100% (I can add 5mA/Moonlight if desired) Aluminum strip wrapped module for heat transfer Cryos...
  13. SCEMan

    EC50 & EC4S Comparison?

    Does anyone have the EC50 and EC4S to provide a hands-on comparison in outdoor use? I find the EC50 form factor to be attractive but wonder about an XHP70 in a 40mm head. My EC4S has the same diameter with an XHP50 and it's already floody but with decent throw. Would I gain anything with the EC50?
  14. SCEMan

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: Maglite (Silver) LED 3 D-Cell Flashlight & Aspherical Lens

    Rarely used & mint condition. Includes Aspherical lens
  15. SCEMan

    Sold/Expired Solarforce A001 with UCL and bezel rings - SOLD

    Solarforce A001 with UCL and bezel rings Rarely used and mint with a few minor missing anno specks on "points". Easy marker touch-up. Includes flat black and 3 stainless steel (crenelated, flat and flush) bezel rings. List Date: 2/12/2016 For more info, click here to view the original...
  16. SCEMan

    Sold/Expired STL-V6 (onestopthrowshop) de-domed thrower - No Longer Available

    STL-V6 (onestopthrowshop) de-domed thrower Mint STL-V6 from onestopthrowshop (no longer sold). -Expertly dedomed XM-L. Perfectly focused, pure white w/no hint of green or yellow. -Can take 2x18650, 2x18500 or 3x123 -Excellent heat sinking - can run on high w/no heat issues at all -All threads...
  17. SCEMan

    Sold/Expired SOLD: 4 AW 18500 1500mAh Protected Batteries - Price Drop

    Maybe 5-6 recharge cycles each - look new. Never run below 3.75V With plastic cases. $28 shipped CONUS only
  18. SCEMan

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Nitecore EC4SW

    Just arrived today - catch & release - tested only. Beautiful MT-G2 neutral beam. In factory box with all accessories in "new" condition. $79 shipped USPS Priority CONUS only. PM me for Paypal or other payment arrangements.
  19. SCEMan

    Same Reflector: Different LEDs - Is Beam Spill the same size?

    I've always wondered about this but no longer have the lights to test this question... If the exact same reflector (assuming LED opening is only change) is used by different LED types, how, if at all is the diameter of the beam spill affected? Or is the reflector the determining factor...
  20. SCEMan

    Sold/Expired SOLD: XP-L HI (Domeless) Neutral White P60 & L2T *Price Drop

    Clean, ring-free neutral white tint with tight hotspot that throws very well. Not a hint of green/yellow like most de-domes. Tree is 75 yards: Cree XP-L Hi (Domeless) P60 Module • Neutral White 5000k • 3.0A Driver • Voltage range: 2.8v-6volts max • Levels: Low 5% / Med 30% /...

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