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    Current 14mm driver options

    I found an old empty Arc AA head and body in my drawer the other day and fancy modding it. What are the current boost driver options to run from a single NiMH as I am struggling to find anything at MTN Electronics or elsewhere. Sent from my [null] using Tapatalk
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    Aleph mule head assembly help

    I have an Aleph mule head which I disassembled, I am now having trouble seating the last third of the outer o-ring back into its slot. Does anybody have any helpful tips please?
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    17500 IMR Cells

    Do they exist? I just scored a 1.5x CR123 Aleph body but need IMR Cells for the application I am planning. I could sleeve a 14500 but if I can make use of the extra capacity I would like to.
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    Need someone to build a tri-Aleph

    I found a couple of Aleph 2 heads in my drawer today and fancy getting one built into a tri-led pocket rocket. I already spoke to Icarus and he isn't taking on work at the moment, so who else is recommended for this sort of thing? I am out of touch at the moment but have been around since before...
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    Been out of the game for a bit....

    I havent modded a light for quite some time, so I am not up to date on all the new cool stuff out. I have an urge to build something bright, so here is an outline of what I want to acheive: Mag 2c or 3c host Preferably alkaline/NiMH cells but Lithium is ok if it has to be Lots of lumens out...
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    International forwarding?

    I have been off the forums for a while so am a bit out of touch. Is anybody still offering the international forwarding service that has been done sporadically in the past? Specifically I want to order a few bits from CountyComm but dont fancy paying upwards of $40 shipping for $20 worth of...
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    I just washed my Ti CR2 Ion

    You know its not going to be good news when your wife points at the washing machine and says "Is that supposed to be in there?". In this case my mint Ti Ion was most definitely NOT meant be on the spin cycle. I sat throught the last five minutes watching it get very clean before i could open the...
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    HDS EDC U60 manual?

    I just found my HDS but the manual is long gone. Is there somewhere i can get a PDF of it or can someone scan it for me please?
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    Can i buy a just a circuit board?

    Hi Peter, I just found my Arc AA after it being missing for some time. I love it, but it has been left behind in terms of brightness and beam quality. Would you be willing to sell me one of your converter boards so that i can rebuild the head with a newer led please? If you cant do that how...
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    Jetbeam mod...

    I really like the look of the new Jetbeams with the IBS system but i dont like the reverse clicky that i understand them to have. Has anybody tried to replace this with a forward clicky, and if so where did you get the parts? Was it difficult?
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    What to do with an Arc AA?

    So, i was digging through my bits box and found the bits to make up a couple of Arc AAs, minus the electronics. I have been out of the game for a bit so i dont know who is doing what or what options there are at the moment so please fill me in. I want two modes, preferably user-selectable...
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    Finally got round to doing my SF M1 mod.

    After being too scared to open it and thus leaving it in a drawer for two years i finally picked up the courage to hold my M1 over a gas flame until it nearly burst into flames, finally overcoming surefire's weld-like threadlock. Having got it open i test fitted a few components and decided to...
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    fitting mce2s

    I am having some trouble fitting a mce2s into the lotc that comes on an e2e. I have done it before on the clicky switch of an l4 but i cant get the guts out of my original swith. I know i must be missing something but i cant find out what. Is it just a matter of pulling really hard? I had a look...
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    Need a tiny converter

    I am looking for a AAA sized converter board for a mod i am doing. I dont know if Arc Mania still visits here or makes the microconverter but i did pm him in case. Anybody know of anywhere i can get one made? If anybody is up to the job pm or post here.
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    So i opened my M1...

    I finally got up the guts to open up my Surefire M1, it wasnt as hard as i had thought. I have no idea what to do with it now though. What mods have people done to them? I cant decide whether to build something using the original head, or to get it rethreaded and fit a KL series head to it. I...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Arc AA lux 3

    I am trying to find an Arc AA modded with a lux 3, as i am sorely regretting selling the one i once had. I would like as near mint condition as possible, but am open to anything really. I would also consider buying a stock Arc AA and doing the mod myself if anybody wishes to sell me one. Please...
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    Are longbow lights still being made?

    The title says it all really. i have found a few on sale and want to know if i should snap them up. It doesnt look like many places carry them any more. marc
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    Pelican M6 internal dims?

    I am looking at finding a host for a laser module i have and the Pelican m6 is looking like a hot contender. From what i have seen of it the bulbs appear similar in size to the the surefire p60, and i know my laser module will fit in a surefire m2 with a little bit of modding. What i would like...
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    Sold/Expired WTB laser modding service

    I have a pgl 3a laser from the group buy a couple of years ago that i would like built into a different housing. I have seen a thread a while ago where a laser was built into an e2d and i would like something similar done. Does anybody want to take the challenge? Marc
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    Any experience of Aixiz laser sight?

    I just ordered a 20mW green laser sight from Aixiz and am wondering what your experiences are of them, or the company as a whole. It sounds good, but i always wonder if i have thrown my money away when i order from the internet. What is the quality of their products and service like? Marc

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