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  1. Scottiver

    Rechargeable options for 16340 in multi cell applications

    So I have a couple of lights that use two 16340 size cells and have been using AW IMR cells because those were recommended at the time as the best chemistry for multi cell applications. AW's are no longer made and not many other options out there these days for IMR. Can I just use two quality...
  2. Scottiver

    Need new O-ring for Draco

    Hey guys, I have one of the original Draco's and my last o-ring bit the dust. Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement? I'm pretty sure these were custom made o-rings. Modamag doesn't seem to be around any more...
  3. Scottiver

    New LED manufacturer in Silicon Valley

    Just read an article in the SF Chronicle business section about a new LED manufacturing start-up company that's going to be making some new highly efficient LED's. Their focus seems to be replacing light bulbs at homes and businesses with these new emitters but perhaps their new technology will...
  4. Scottiver

    Sold/Expired SOLD- Two Millermods Arc AAA's *BOTH LIGHTS NOW SOLD*

    Hello, I have for sale two of the Millermodded Arc-P AAA flashlights. You can read about them here: These are Arc AAA's that have been modded to be two stage lights with a...
  5. Scottiver

    Sold/Expired SOLD-FS McGizmo EN Mule

    For sale is a near mint McGizmo EN Mule. Original owner. This is an Aluminum light with an electroplated nickle finish. This is from the original run with the original light engine. I'm not sure what the LE is except that it is a cree and can only use 3.0v batteries. Very nice neutral tint. It...
  6. Scottiver

    Sold/Expired WTB Muyshondt Nautilus

    I recently lost my beloved EDC Muyshondt Nautilus and I am looking to replace it. I would prefer one in black aluminum but would also consider titanium as well if the price is right. I also have some lights for trade so let my know what you've got. Thanks! :)
  7. Scottiver

    Gdup question

    I'm thinking of getting a Gdup LE for my Aleph I and have a couple of questions. I've been reading different threads for an hour and am still confused. When switching brightness levels, do you have to actually "click" the light off and on or can you "tap" the momentary on and off to change...
  8. Scottiver

    Lithium-polymer battery explosion

    Well I've been building a new electric RC plane and while I was installing the electronics, I accidently cut into a 11.1 volt 910mah Lithium Polymer battery and it instantly vented with flame. Similar to what happens in this video:
  9. Scottiver

    Sold/Expired SOLD-Aleph 3 Head-No LE

    I am selling a black Aleph 3 head with no light engine. It has the head, reflector and lens. It has a few minor dings and one small dent by the bezel ring but it's not too noticible. Price is $75.00 shipped first class to the USA. I'm not responsible for lost packages in the mail.
  10. Scottiver

    Aleph Mule Pricing

    I was just looking at the new Aleph Mules on the Sandwich Shoppe website and noticed that if you were to buy a complete 1x123 Mule it would cost $219. But if you bought the complete head separately it would cost $119. Then if you bought a 1x123 Aleph power pack for $22 and a McTC tailcap for $35...
  11. Scottiver

    Aleph light engine acting weird

    Hi guys, I recently purchased an Aleph 1 flashlight and as I was using it last night it went dead. Thinking it was just a dead battery, I put in a new 17650 and instead of it's usual bright beam, it was only putting out like five lumens. I tried putting primary 123's in there and it was the...
  12. Scottiver

    Do AW's protected LI-ions have nipples?

    I've been researching for an hour and can't seem to find out if AW's PROTECTED cells come with nipples on the positive end? I know on the unprotected ones you have to use the little magnets but was hoping that the newer ones come standard with nipples in place. Anyone know? Thanks.
  13. Scottiver

    Teflon Tape On Ti-PD Threads

    I recently aquired one of the new Ti Pd's in the last Don sale and ever since I have been trying to break in the threads. They are much better than when they were brand new but still pretty gritty feeling. I decided to clean the old dirty grease off and put some new Krytox on the threads...
  14. Scottiver


    Back in January I lost my beloved Mclux III-PD and was not a happy camper. I have since replaced the PD with a new/used one and decided to take an extra precaution should I be so unlucky as to lose this one. I took a small piece of paper and wrote: "$50.00 reward if you return this flashlight"...
  15. Scottiver

    Help with LE Identification

    I was hoping one of you McGizmo gurus could help me identify the LE or converter on a used Aleph II that I recently aquired. It came with a two battery tube but seems to also work fine with one battery and I just want to make sure it's OK to use both configurations. I've included a drawing of...
  16. Scottiver

    Aleph II Question

    I just recieved in the mail a used Aleph II. I started playing with it and it seemed to work just fine. Then I took the head off and noticed that the light engine seemed a little loose and I found that the whole thing would unscrew from the head. Then I put it back together and screwed the LE...
  17. Scottiver

    Aleph LE Question

    I have a question about Aleph light engines. I have been wanting to aquire an Aleph 1 flashlight and thought that I would be able to use either a one or two battery configuration interchangeably. But after doing some research it looks like the LE's are designed for one or the other but not both...
  18. Scottiver

    How I EDC my flashlight

    I've always had a problem EDC'ing larger objects in my pockets because they would always lay in there sideways and feel uncomfortable and get in the way of everything else in there. So I decided to sew a little pocket into the front pockets of all my pants and shorts that didn't already have...
  19. Scottiver

    McluxIII-PD battery dies unexpectantly

    I've had my McluxIII-PD for a few months now and I really love it. It's my go to light for everything, but i'm a little concerned with how the battery will die unexpectantly without any warning leaving me in the dark. It doesn't have any moon mode at all. One minute it's working fine then boom...
  20. Scottiver

    Arc AAA in candle mode

    I've read that some people complain that the Arc AAA can't be used in candle mode. Well I think that i've found a solution to that. I remove the split ring, then flip the clip around and slide it down to the end and voila! candle mode.

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