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    Sold/Expired Surefire Retail display - No Longer Available

    Surefire Retail display Like new Surefire aluminum, glass, and wood display case. 6 feet tall about 13"x13" wide and deep. Comes with keys to lock upper and lower. Modular shelves and some individual flashlight stands with a bunch of labels. I do not have the ability to ship, so this is local...
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    Sold/Expired Surefire weapon light body, bulb, and head - SOLD

    Surefire weapon light body, bulb, and head These are all working weapon light bodies with P60 bulbs. They also have Weaver 1" rings on them.Free shipping USPS Priority. Payment via Paypal or Money order. List Date: 7/13/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Surefire...
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    Old style Surefire M952 mounts.

    I stumbled across a couple of these and have never seen a base like this before. Do you guys know when these were made? Rare?
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    Sold/Expired Some old Surefire parts - No Longer Available

    Some old Surefire parts Junk drawer sold as one lot..... Will not separate. A14 extender that is in excellent condition (Maybe unused) Beat up bezel from MP-5 weapon light. Complete tail cap from new 6PX. Laser Products 6P style tail cap with no internals. Mystery tubular part in same box...
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    Need some 18650s tomorrow. Where to get?

    Is there a place to buy some 18650s that I can cash and carry in the Grand Rapids, MI area? Batteries Plus perhaps? Radio Shack? I'm just used to using disposable 123s. TIA
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    My Surefire L6 Digital Lumimax is dead. Pics inside.

    Surefire cannot fix it because they no longer have a surplus of whatever part they need to do the repair. I didn't get to ask the specific tech the questions. They did give me a new light, and after a little begging, I got them to put my L6 in the box to ship back to me also. I love this...
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    Are these RCR123A batteries any good?

    They were in a Surefire I bought off of a local gun forum. Keep and use? or beware and kill with fire?
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    2 parts in my Surefire junk drawer. WFT are these?

    The first one is an extension, but I'm not sure what light it was for, or why it exists. The second item I have no idea what it is.....
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    Circa 1982 Surefire LP weapon laser for M16A1 rifle.

    Made by Laser Products of Fountain Valley, CA. It is integral to the factory Colt upper. Trigger to activate laser rests along side the weapon trigger. Thought you guys might be interested in checking it out. I sent the pics to Surefire and they were pretty dazzled.
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    Battery shelf life

    Surefires are about 10 years, but what can I expect from Duracel/Energizer batteries in the AA, AAA, N, sizes?
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    Crazy to EDC this light?

    I'm not a collector, and I really like the looks of this light. Would it be crazy to EDC and beat up this light, and possibly ruin it's collector value? I would use the pen also.:cool: Borrowed the pic from another thread. I do not own this light combo, and I know how much they cost when they...
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    Spares Carriers

    Anyone use the SF spares carriers? Are they very handy? I don't know if I got one that I would ever use it. Am I missing out on anything?

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