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  1. TimMc

    Nightwatch Chaos NS59v2 is scary!

    Nealsgadgets kindly sent the Nightwatch Chaos NS59v2 for review:
  2. TimMc

    Brinyte HL18 Noctua Review

    Brinyte kindly sent a HL18 Noctua headlamp for review. Here is my review:
  3. TimMc

    Mateminco MT04 Anduril 2 Update Tutorial

    Here is how to compile the latest version of Anduril 2 firmware and load it onto a Mateminco MT04 torch:
  4. TimMc

    Nightwatch Legend NG01 SFN60.2 Review

    Nealsgadgets kindly sent a Nightwatch NG01 for review. Here is my review:
  5. TimMc

    Amutorch BT35 LEP Review

    Nealsgadgets kindly sent an Amutorch BT35 for review. Here is my review:
  6. TimMc

    Cyansky HS5R Headlamp Review

    Cyansky kindly provided the HS5R for review. Here is my review:
  7. TimMc

    Cyansky P25 Micro-Arc Oxidation Review

    Cyansky kindly provided the P25 V2 MAO for review. Here is my review:
  8. TimMc

    SPERAS EST Review. Tactical EDC?

    SPERAS kindly provided the EST for review. Here is my review:
  9. TimMc

    SPERAS E10 Review

    SPERAS kindly provided an E10 for review. Here is my review:
  10. TimMc

    Wurkkos TS10 Review

    Wurkkos kindly sent a silver TS10 with orange aux LEDs for review. Here is my review:
  11. TimMc

    First time using a LEP! Weltool W4 Pro

    Thanks for sending a Weltool W4 Pro! Here's a video of my first time using a LEP. It's so much fun!
  12. TimMc

    Klarus GL5 Foregrip Light Review kindly provided a Klarus GL5 for review. Here is my review:
  13. TimMc

    Klarus GL4 Rail Light Review kindly provided the Klarus GL4 Rail Light for free for review. Here is my review:
  14. TimMc

    Sofirn C8L Review

    Sofirn provided the C8L torch to celebrate reaching 10,000 users on their Facebook group. Here is my review:
  15. TimMc

    Acebeam E70 Mini Review

    Acebeam kindly sent an E70 Mini for review. Here is my review of it:
  16. TimMc

    Brinyte E18 Pheme Review

    Originally posted on, here's my review of the Brinyte E18 Pheme:
  17. TimMc

    XTAR SC1 Plus Charger Review

    XTAR held a contest and asked the community to name a new 26800 charger. I proposed the name "SC1 Plus" and XTAR selected that name. They kindly sent an XTAR SC1 Plus and XTAR USB-C PD 45W power supply with an AU adapter for free. Here's my review:
  18. TimMc

    Acebeam Rider RX Rainbow PVD Review

    Acebeam hosted a giveaway on Instagram and I was selected as a winner. I asked for the Rainbow PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) version due to how gorgeous it looks. Here's my review:
  19. TimMc

    Sofirn LT1s Review

    Sofirn kindly sent an LT1s. Here's my review:
  20. TimMc

    VezerLezer ED10 Review

    VezerLezer kindly sent an ED10 for review. It is their first torch and it looks like a pretty solid first release. It's also the first time that I've received a torch for review! Read more:

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