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  1. TheFraz

    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Update 12/8/2020 I've been needing to update this OP for a long time as the design has constantly been changing since we started using our own CNC machinery (quicker to prototype new ideas). So here is the current offering. First a pic of the 3 lights - The Lumenite 18650, Tiny Nugget 18650...
  2. TheFraz

    New and upgraded Fraz Mechanical Smart Materials flashlights

    Glad to be back and making a post like this finally :D My former homemade flashlight was based on a QTC design in a thread that can be found here: And then, an upgraded version of that...
  3. TheFraz

    Sold/Expired Non-battery-crush QTC flashlights (2nd run and combo package now available)

    ON SALE! Fraz Labs QTC flashlights (3rd run now available version 1.1) :thumbsup:Update: Holiday sale! I have 10 units left - and to clear them (and get some cash flow for my upcoming 123/18350 QTC light project that will start production soon, I will be offering these lights at $125 for the...
  4. TheFraz

    Homemade shorty 18650

    Hey guys, I just finished up on a new light - a shorty 18650 using an xp-g2. It measures in at around 3.8" long. That is one of the shortest 18650 lights I know of (in my limited research) that uses 2 battery springs and contains an optic, and hopefully I can shave a little more off of it here...
  5. TheFraz

    QTC flashlight - from scratch (non battery-crush)

    QTC flashlight - from scratch (non battery-crush) with engine version 2.0 video Hello all, Long time lurker here. Decided to post this as I am very pleased with the way it has turned out. I wanted to design a very durable, very simple light. I've always liked the simplicity of QTC and...

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