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    Synthetic Watch Bands/Straps?

    Timex Expedition series replacement bands are a water resistant leather that looks dressy. While I don't use mine diving, it is frequently wet in other salt and fresh water sports. I think it lasted three years before needing to be replaced again. However, it only comes in 20mm and smaller...
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    3/4C flashlight

    Some waterproof flashlights would include the UK SL4 eLED or the Streamlight ProPolymer 3C Luxeon. Princeton Tec also makes a similar light, but I've had better luck with UK and Streamlight.
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    Pocket EDC: Emerson CQC-7 vs Mini Grip Tanto

    I have handled both, but bought the Griptilian. It felt better in my hand and I really like the Axis lock. For consistently low prices and great service, I have mostly purchased from New Graham Knives.
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    Need Suggestions for Refillable Pens for Work

    The Uni-Ball JetStream and JetStream RT are the best pens for left handers. The ink is super fast drying so it doesn't smear as your hand slides across while you continue to write. I use the retractable RT version and you can buy refills in different colors and thicknesses. My local Wal-Mart...
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    good disc-to-disc copying software for Windows?

    I've used Clone CD in the past, but I don't have it currently loaded so I can't check the size. The website says it needs 1M of disk space.
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    How many lumens were the OLD Inova X5s?

    Here is an old chart comparing various lights. The X5 in this chart is the third generation version. Here is the link to the review of the first generation. The second generation changed only the switch mechanism. The way I read the reviews, the third generation appears to be nearly three...
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    GEEK Question--answer?

    I don't think there is anything that the CPF website could change that would cause your issue. It is a combination of your local browser sending a web page request to your local Internet service provider. CPF merely provides the address to request. If the CPF address were wrong, everyone...
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    GEEK Question--answer?

    Since the hyperlinks you are clicking are defined by the webpage design, that narrows the problem down to local things that mess with the specific address of the link. As others have mentioned, it could be a firewall issue, but that seems unlikely given most of the problems are related to CPF...
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    Palm questions

    Palm PDAs provide only simple calendar, contact list, memos and to-do list without adding additional programs. For example, to work with an Excel spreadsheet (or any other Microsoft Office doc), you would need to buy and add another program like Documents To Go. There are a lot of free games...
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    I've had mine in my backpack with the car keys and have gone through airport security more than a dozen times this year alone. It has never got a second look. Unfortunately, last week when TSA was looking for my IDL T7 multitool, they stumbled on the Utilikey by accident and took it. They...
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    Reccomend a compas for traveling?

    I carry a Brunton Glow Mate whenever I travel. It's easier to read than any button compass. I also prefer black letters on light background. It is liquid filled for dampening and glow in the dark is a nice extra.
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    Wireless connect through ethernet?

    I read the question differently. It sounded to me like there was no DSL or cable available so the actual Internet connection needed to be wireless. Linksys makes such a box. It uses a high speed data card from Sprint or Verizon for the internet connection and then connects to your computer...
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    Going to Maui in 2 weeks

    Snorkeling at Black Rock is very protected but still lots of fish. Literally walk off the beach and go out 20 yds. It's behind one of the hotels (Sheraton I think) north of Lahaina. There are about 8 public parking spaces nearby. Park in the shopping mall pay lot to the south and get your...
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    Question regarding mattress pads

    I was just in Target yesterday and picked up one of their CoolMax versions on clearance. King size was $20. Since you cover it with sheets, thread count of the pad shouldn't matter.
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    How may dial-up users, choice or higher speed unavailable?

    If there is Sprint coverage in your area, they have both a PCMCIA card and a USB dongle that provides about 700kbps downstream on average. When in a great signal strength area, I have gotten as high as 2Mbps downstream but that is rare. I use mine in my laptop when I travel. While the average...
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    Suggestion for a good car power inverter

    There are two basic kinds of inverters; true sine wave and modified sine wave. True sine wave is what comes out of the wall. Modified sine wave is basically a square wave with the corners smoothed a little. Most stores only carry modified sine inverters because they are a lot cheaper. Your...
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    What free utilities do you use?

    Password Safe for encrypted storage of many usernames and passwords Internet Explorer Privacy Keeper to clean up cookies and history, also works with Firefox Powerbullet Presenter to create Flash slideshows from a collection of pictures TrueCrypt to encrypt files and folders PDF Creator to...
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    good sheath for light and folding pliers?

    I carry a LM Wave and SF E2 in a Ripoffs CO-75 and love it.
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    looking for a flood flashlight

    A couple of my favorite older lights that haven't been mentioned are the Lightwave 3000 and the Nuwai TM-301X5. The Lightwave is discontinued, but can be found many places. It will exceed your 150 hour requirement, but not the brightness. It's a great car camping light and long duration...
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    Ultra compact plier-based multi-tool?

    I carry the IDL T7 when flying and have never had TSA question it. The handles fold into working position and won't collapse accidentally. The SwissTech versions rotate into position and can unexpectedly rotate out of position resulting in banged up knuckles. For my applications, the IDL...

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