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  1. jtice

    Sold/Expired WTS: Nitecore - Infilux - IFD2 - XP-G R5

    Up for sale, Nitecore - Infilux - IFD2 - XP-G R5 Never carried, includes 2 spare o-rings, 2 black rubber switch covers, and lanyard. $45 Price is shipped in the US, may ship outside the US for additional cost. Not sure why the images arent embedding.
  2. jtice

    Sold/Expired WTS: Arc, Jetbeam, McGizmo, Surefire 12PM

    Have a few lights and parts up for sale that have just been laying around way too long. Please let me know if you have any questions about them, and if you dont like the price, shoot me an offer! Please see conditions listed, as some of these have seen use and show signs of wear. Prices include...
  3. jtice

    In the market for..... Compact FLOOD light.

    Its that time again, I have an itch for a new light. This time I am looking for a compact light that has a flood beam. Something that can be used around the house, camping, working on a vehicle. That has a nice even, very wide beam. Would like to keep it at or under $100, and use 18650 cells...
  4. jtice

    Supernova Halo 180 -- (Fenix CL20 alternative)

    Just got one of these the other day and just had to post about it, one of the better lights I have got in a while for the price. Supernova Halo 180 Really cant find much info on it, I think its a fairly new light though. There is also the Halo 130, which runs on 2AAs. The Halo 180 has a 1800mAh...
  5. jtice

    Experimenting with COB LEDS (10W 12cm Strip)

    Did some experimenting with a 10W COB LED 12cm Strip today. I used a power converter to power it. The LED is rated at 950-1050 lumens at 750mA 12V. The converter I have takes AC to DC 12V 900mA. So I am overdriving the LED some. But I was still surprised that the large computer CPU heatsink I...
  6. jtice

    4Sevens Preon Pen Light Review

    Did a video review of the 4Seven Preon Pen Light. Sorry for the focusing issues, still perfecting how I want to do the vids.
  7. jtice

    Fenix HL30 - Issue with NEW batteries? (low mode not working)

    Just got myself a Fenix HL30 headlamp and while I like it alot, I have noticed an odd issue. There is even a card included that talks about the headlamp being designed to run off 1.5V batteries, and that new alkiline batteries can be a bit more than that. The light has protection against high...
  8. jtice

    Looking to buy or build an aspherical lens killer throw light. - Maglight Asherical ?

    This is more for fun than anything, but I am looking to either buy or build a light that has an extremely tight beam, with very little to no side spill. I got a $7 light the other day that was on sale from Amazon that has an aspherical lens in it, that is adjustable, and even though its really a...
  9. jtice

    Jtice Review: 4Sevens TI Tactical Pen

    Here is my review of 4Sevens TI Pen.
  10. jtice

    Jtice Review - 4Sevens Preon P0-SS

    Here is my review of the Preon P0-SS
  11. jtice

    What ever happened to the Zebralight Q50?

    Was very excited when I got the email about the Zebralight Q50 (4AA) coming out, then it just seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. Anyone know anything about if this light is actually going to be released soon?
  12. jtice

    Anyone upgraded the LEDs in the Sten Light Headlamp ???

    I have one of the original Stenlights, which I think is around 140 to 180 lumens? Anyway, I would like to upgrade it to the best LEDs I can get in there. But due to form factor, I am not sure what would work as a direct swap. I am a bit out of the loop on the new LEDs :( so I figured I would...
  13. jtice

    Sold/Expired FS: McGizmo U2A3 (Modded Surefire U2) <SOLD>

    < SOLD > Yea I know, Im crazy right? But I am selling my McGizmo U2A3. Its a custom mod Don did quite a while back, putting an Aleph 3 head on a Surefire U2. Gave the light more throw, not to mention looks great. The light is in excellent condition. The only issue is that the levels act...
  14. jtice

    JTICE REVIEWS - 4Sevens Quark X Series (2AA Tactical & 2x123 Normal)

    Here are my reviews of the two 4Sevens Quark X Series Lights.
  15. jtice

    JTICE REVIEW - 4Sevens Maelstrom X7

    My review of the Maelstrom X7
  16. jtice

    JTICE REVIEW - 4Sevens Maelstrom S18

    Here is my review of the Maelstrom S18.
  17. jtice

    JTICE REVIEW - Spark SL5 & SL6

    Here is my review on the Spark SL5 and SL6 lights.
  18. jtice

    JTICE REVIEW - 4Sevens Maelstrom X10

    Here is my review of the Maelstrom X10
  19. jtice

    JTICE REVIEW - OLight SR51

    Here is my review of the OLight SR51. I hope to have some beamshots of it and some other lights added soon.
  20. jtice

    Help me upgrade/update my Hotbeam Pocketmate 5W 18650 Mag

    I have one of the original Pocketmates that Hotbeam made years ago. It is a cut down C mag that uses a single 18650 cell, a Fatman driver, and a 5W Luxeon led, and has a side mounted pot for dimming. I would like to swap out the led in it for something batter, what would be my best option? The...

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