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  1. LitFuse

    Need some battery pack help please.

    OK, so I have several Xepa Technology XP645 solar rechargeable lights that I need replacement battery packs for. They were never used and have been sitting in the box for about 2 years. The battery cells have swelled up and are no good. The manufacturer wants about $50 per pack plus shipping, so...
  2. LitFuse

    Best place to purchase the CBA III?

    Hi, I've been away from the forum for a while and could use some guidance. I am interested in the best vendor to purchase the CBA III battery tester from. I would prefer to support a dealer that supports CPF, assuming I don't have top pay too much of a premium to do so. Thanks in advance for...
  3. LitFuse

    EagleTac 18650 or AW 18650?

    I am looking to purchase about a half dozen protected 18650 cells for use in my new EagleTac M2 and M2X. Is there a consensus on the forum regarding the quality of the EagleTac 18650s? I've done some searching, but am not coming up with much info on them. Has anyone done any testing to see if...
  4. LitFuse

    Sold/Expired FS: Ti S27-PD **SOLD**

    SOLD From the August "wave", as received from Don. This is my first McTi light, and I've heard about various "imperfections" in these from the manufacturer, but this looks pretty mint to me. $500 plus shipping, and if desired, insurance. I will not be responsible for any loss or damage if you...
  5. LitFuse

    Where can I buy some CR123A battery holders with leads?

    Does anyone know where I can get some 123 cell holders? I found them at Powerizer for .75, but the shipping is over $10. Ideally, I'd like to find something similar to this, but from a place that offers USPS delivery options. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Peter
  6. LitFuse

    Sold/Expired FS: Titanium CR2 Ion **SOLD**

    Mint Titanium CR2 Ion by Endeavour. Beautiful little light with exceptional machining. $269 includes Priority Mail delivery with Delivery Confirmation in USA. Add $4 if you would like insurance. I will also ship this internationally via GPM for the same price, but insurance is not available. I...
  7. LitFuse

    Fenix L1s with "R" bin Luxeons (Black & Silver) for $29.99 @ LightHound

    I don't know if this has been posted here yet, but it looks like LightHound has some L1s (both colors) that come with the premium "R" bin Lux1 for $29.99! :) These would make great gifts for family members. Peter
  8. LitFuse

    Sold/Expired FS: Mag 2D Pewter FlexMagV 5W

    This is a 2D Maglight modded by modamag with the nFlex board and a 5W Luxeon VYOT. This light has 8 digitally controlled levels of brightness, modified reflector and switch, and green glow powder surrounding the emitter. Includes the Willie Hunt/Skip Langan 8AA-2D battery holder, no cells are...
  9. LitFuse

    Sold/Expired FS: HA Natural LionHeart #007

    As received from MR B., has never left the house. Includes stock lens, Acrylite lens, and tritium vial (uninstalled). No battery or charger is included. $205 includes worldwide shipping via Priority Mail or GPM. Insurance is not included, but is available at buyers discretion. I can accept...
  10. LitFuse

    Sold/Expired FS: Lux III modded Solitaire **SOLD**

    Purple Solitaire Lux III direct drive mod by Luxbright includes everything in the picture. This little thing is super bright and white! $79 includes Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Insurance is at buyers discretion and cost. PP only, info is in my profile. Please post here if...
  11. LitFuse

    Sold/Expired FS: Modded Arc LS

    This is an An Arc LSH-P mod with fat twistie done by CM. Lux III, boosted drive current, reflector, and UCL. Light is in great shape, and is bright and white. I picked this one up in BST a while back and it's just been sitting around, and I think it should really go to someone who would actually...
  12. LitFuse

    Sold/Expired FS:Katokichi Ichishiki CR2 Flashlight**SOLD**

    I just picked this up from Lars a couple days ago. I bought this on impulse because I just had to satisfy my curiousity. Unfortunately, I really can't afford to own this right now. This is an incredible little light, almost like a piece of art. $248 shipped in USA, add $4 for insurance if...
  13. LitFuse

    Have you seen the "PIERCE M10" at eBay?

    Have you seen the \"PIERCE M10\" at eBay? Pierce M10 Dare to compare the PIERCE M10 (switchable) against the Arc LSH and the SureFire E1E flashlight. High Intensity Pure White LED Flashlight - Smallest yet Brightest 400mA / 1000mA: 3+ Watts LUXEON FLASHLIGHT for the Serious Enthusiast...
  14. LitFuse

    Great deal on Canon PIXMA printer ** $40!**

    I just thought I'd post this for anyone in the market for a new printer. This is a great deal on a very nice printer. has the Canon PIXMA IP3000 Photo printer on sale for $60. After a $20 rebate the price is just $40! Shipping is just $3.75 too! I picked one of these up for a...
  15. LitFuse

    Charging Li-ions with Maha 777PlusII

    I just got a PlusII recently, and have been using it on all manner of bare Li-ion cells. I'm concerned that it is overcharging the cells though. If I let the charger do it's thing till the display says "Full" and terminates the charge, my cells are reading 4.3+ on my Fluke meter. The PlusII...
  16. LitFuse

    How come no S/N on U2 heads?

    Anyone know why, or care to venture a guess? I've only owned KL1s, KL4s, and the U2. The U2 is the only one without a serial number. I wonder why that is... Peter
  17. LitFuse

    Why was the U2 poll thread locked?

    I PM'ed Dano. I didn't request that this thread be locked, did someone else? I *did* request a thread with a similar name be locked much earlier today, which Craig took care of (thanks Craig ). Peter
  18. LitFuse

    *If you own a U2 please participate in this Poll*

    I thought it would be interesting to poll the members here regarding some of the issues I've seen voiced on the new SureFire U2. I'm trying to keep the poll questions fairly straightforward and concise. If you have an issue that is not addressed in the poll, or anything to add that you feel is...
  19. LitFuse

    If you own a U2, please vote in this Poll.

    I thought it would be interesting to poll SureFire U2 owners with a couple of questions regarding issues that I've seen in the forum. Please vote and add anything else you think is relevant to the discussion.
  20. LitFuse

    What bin was in your Nuwai Q-III?

    I picked up three of these from Viki to check out. I have to say that I am really quite satisfied with them considering the reasonable price. Of course, I had to take them apart to see what's inside. The light uses a star configuration, so it's quite easy to see what's in their bin-wise. My...

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