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  1. Flashlightboy

    Huge Props to Surefire CS - short story

    SF is known for their CS and generosity and I wanted to share this from earlier this afternoon. Here's the background: I have an M2 and an original 9P that I switched the bezel to a black, special run, M2 bezel from a few years ago. The bezels work just fine and I have no complaints...
  2. Flashlightboy

    Time to say goodnight to CPF.

    UBB17-ML-1058568-ML- I've moved this to Cheers'N'Jeers. The ability to discuss your concerns is better suited there. - Empath
  3. Flashlightboy

    Terrorists future funding? Drugs?

    The question has intrigued me for some time and although I have my own answers I'd like to pose it to the rest of the community. IMO, the insurgents/ al queda/ taliban fund their war through the drug trade and other commodities but largely through drugs. Poppy production in Afghanistan usually...
  4. Flashlightboy

    Afghanistan assignment - need a recommendation.

    A friend of mine is going to Afghanistan to do some good guy work. He's leaving in June and I told him I'd buy him a headlamp but which one? I already bought him a CC Ultra that he used while training with the Rangers at Ft. Benning last year and both he and the Rangers loved it. The usual...
  5. Flashlightboy

    Peak Lug Ultra Snow rocks the Casbah!!!!

    Got it today. This is the light to have in a single LED AAA platform. I have a couple of the AA Arcs and if you own one you'll completely understand what I'm talking about. The checkering is smooth and not sharply diamond just like the AA Arc. It has that texture that makes you want to...
  6. Flashlightboy

    Cheese Talk

    We've had coffee talk and now it's time to add to the gastronomical library of good taste. I will admit that I'm a sucker for a good piece of cheese. Going in to Bristol Farms, Gelson's, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or any similar place I'm just drawn to the cheese display. Like a magnet...
  7. Flashlightboy

    SF and PK in the news.

    In todays Orange County Register there is an article on SF, Dr. Mathews and PK. Although not shown by the online version, the article is on the front page, below the fold. It provides some good insight on the military sales, The Beast and other things SF. Imagine my deep shock and surprise...
  8. Flashlightboy

    New Style KL1 in SM/GM?

    When the original KL1s came out they were only advertised in HA but a special run was made in SG/GM. I bought two of them and I'm wondering if anyone has heard about the new style KL1s being similarily offered? I'll call SF but sometimes the brainiacs here know things that the SF staff doesn't!
  9. Flashlightboy

    My father will pass away shortly from cancer.

    I'm generally a very private person but after reading about the personal illnesses and deaths of family here I've decided to open up a bit and share the end of a life with all of you. Perhaps it's theraputic to help me understand and deal with the inevitable. Almost two years and a half years...
  10. Flashlightboy

    Lights for Afghanistan

    I have a couple of friends who are either deployed or are leaving out of country within a couple of weeks and one of them is leaving for Afghanistan and I'm looking to send him off with a couple of lights. I cannot tell you what he'll be doing but it won't be a civilian or military job. It will...
  11. Flashlightboy

    Sunday morning breakfast: anyone else?

    The usual things such as french toast, pancakes, sausage and biscuits, bagels and always delicious but today I'm having something that I should enjoy more often. I'm have a Mexican breakfast of Soyrizo, potatoes, scrambled eggs, onions, queso, tortillas and coffee. This is damn yummy and will...
  12. Flashlightboy

    Did our PK win the CA Lottery?

    From the October 16th Orange County Register. Paul Kim went to the Santa Ana lottery office with the winning ticket worth about $5.6M with the cash value option. The ticket was purchased at a liquor store in Brea which isn't really close to Santa Ana but I've bought tickets out of my 'hood...
  13. Flashlightboy

    CC-Maxpedition Bailout Bag?

    Looks interesting. Anyone have one or played with it yet?
  14. Flashlightboy

    Why no regulated Photon?

    The electronics seem to be tiny (in the Arc AAA for example) and I'm wondering why they can't be squeezed into a Photon. Their new Freedom light has some whiz bang electrionics but I'd be happy with a on-off button, regulated light. I think I'd happily pay $24.95 for such a light. Perhaps a...
  15. Flashlightboy

    I believe the backorder is disappearing!

    About 10 days I ordered two AAA regulars and layed in a store of provisions in anticipation of a 3-5 week wait. Wahoo!!! E-mail notification of shipment came this afternoon and this means lights on Tuesday!
  16. Flashlightboy

    Celebrity to Work For?

    If you worked for a celebrity which one wouldn't you mind working for or seeing everyday? I'll go first - Selma Hayak.
  17. Flashlightboy

    ID of genius who mated chocolate and peanut butter

    The person who did this should have won a Nobel Prize. Those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and the Baskin Robins Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream are downright addicitive. They're probably the worlds greatest invention next to the Weber kettle BBQ.
  18. Flashlightboy

    SureFire E2D ad in Sept. issue of Flying magazine.

    There it is - an ad for the E2D. It's the same ad (Meet the R&D Boys) that you see in gun mags but in a flying magazine? WTF? Seems like an ad for the A2 or U2 would be a little more appropriate, no?
  19. Flashlightboy

    CPF changes over time for the worse for me.

    I've been a member from the early days and although I don't post often I always browse. In 2001 CPF was, IMO, a funner place to hang around and the CPF community was tighter. I could browse all the forums in a short time and be caught up. Over time the forums expanded and I looked at the...
  20. Flashlightboy

    Have we lost any members?

    With over 5,000 members some of have left for a variety of reasons but I'm wondering if any have passed away. I've been a member for close to 3 years and I remember that we lost Dr. Walt Welch a couple of years ago but I don't know about anyone else. Mods - This isn't a lighthearted subject...

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