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  1. YAK-28

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I picked up a Klarus rs10 USB rechargeable spotlight and floodlight. I was looking for more of another way to recharge cell phones during a power outage, but was happy to find a very nicely made light. Smaller than I thought and a very solidly built. I might get another one for my wife. It...
  2. YAK-28

    Would You Lend Anyone Your Flashlight ?.

    a couple of hours ago, my neighbor returned a zip lock baggie with my nitecore nu32 head light, a 18650 zebralight headlight, a nitecore mt22a, a klarus k1x charger and cable and 2 18650 batteries i loaned him to use on a several week fishing and hunting trip. everything was fine and he was...
  3. YAK-28

    Flashlight Grip Tape

    i saw some tennis racket tape on amazon, lot to chose from.
  4. YAK-28

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    my wife lost a sewing needle and asked for help finding it(in a non painful way), so out came the newest addition to the collection, an astrolux EAO1S 4-xhp 50.2 6500k cw and there is your needle... now i just need to find good batteries to keep the light happy.
  5. YAK-28

    About flashlights’ maintenance

    great ideas, keep them coming. i use the computer calendar to remind myself to check and charge lights. i have removed all the alky leaks and rechargeables are now my friends.
  6. YAK-28

    Anduril Ramp Config

    i picked up an astrolux mf01 mini. seems to be a solid, well built light. don't look into it and hit turbo... i'm still trying to figure everything out. so far i'm very pleased with it. not sure how the neighbors like it.
  7. YAK-28

    Anduril Ramp Config

    thanks for the links to the manual and youtube. just picked up a new light using this and these are very helpful.
  8. YAK-28

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    just picked up a nitecore br25 bike light with a little different reflector to help keep the light on the ground and not up in someone's eyes. have not tried it out yet on the bike. i did walk it around a little and it appeared to work as described.
  9. YAK-28

    New Product - Nitecore BR25 1400 lumen Rechargeable Bike Light

    FYI - i tried to use the"cppf15off" code, but it did not work for me. i contacted them and they said to use "15off" and that worked for me.
  10. YAK-28

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    used my nitecore tip2 to help with some wiring for a bathroom vent fan. the magnetic end held it well as i was stripping wires for some switches. :twothumbs
  11. YAK-28

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    where is the picture for that one?
  12. YAK-28

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    bought a 3d printed 2c to 21700 battery adapter for maglite. should be here by the weekend. arrived quickly, got it today. nicely made, sturdy. installed an 18650 and it worked as well. there is a lot of spring in the maglite. happy camper.
  13. YAK-28

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    good work dtd helping the neighbors. today i install some pull out drawers in some kitchen base cabinets for the boss. used my nitecore tipse to help drill and attach the drawer assemblies. worked perfectly, laid flat, more than enough light. happy campers all around.
  14. YAK-28

    another alky leak issue

    went thru 2 rooms today on a "remove and replace all alky leaks" hunt. found a 4d coast lantern, a 3d rayovac lantern and a 2c bright star flashlight. just emptied the lanterns and bagged the batteries and replaced the brightstar with rechargeables.
  15. YAK-28

    another alky leak issue

    thank you again for your alcohol idea. i don't think i'm looking spend more on repairs. i am happy to use it as it is and continue my search for any more forgotten alky's before they leak to replace them with rechargable cells.
  16. YAK-28

    another alky leak issue

    thank you for your idea about leaking further into the head/driver area. i tried a quick check with some needle nose to look further, but i could not make any headway as to a quick opening. i might check with fenix if there is an easy, non experienced action i could take without damaging it further.
  17. YAK-28

    another alky leak issue

    found another forgotten alky leak victim, a fenix ld 40. cleaned up the mess inside with some vinegar and then some deoxit. installed some new rechargeable batteries and it works great at full power, but won't step down as before. any ideas or thoughts on how to regain the use of different...
  18. YAK-28

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    found a nitecore ea 42 on a close out sale. i like the 1 - 1800 lumen range and runs on aa's.
  19. YAK-28

    Maglite Lantern?

    i like your thinking with your projects. keep them coming.
  20. YAK-28

    Carrying back up light

    only 2???? i do try to use the smallest that fits the job. you never know when you need your daylight device.

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