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    With SolarForce out of the game, what budget tube to consider for LED drop-ins?

    There are still a few out there. Not quite Solarforce but close. Want it in 21700...
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    Mountain Electronics

    That CUXM dropin maxes out at 4.5 volts so it's single cell only. It does have a 2.7V low voltage cutoff. Since your running it in a mini host try 18350's a bit better the 16340"s and you will get 1000 lumens. Shouldn't need a PCB since the dropin has a cutoff.
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    Shadow JM07 - Is this a decent light?

    I've got the older Shadow JM07 with the tail switch and only XM-L T6 led, its one of my favorites. Its built well, with nice fit and finish.
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    New Solarforce turbohead - 1500 lumen K3, Cree MTG2

    I've got one when they first came out and heat isn't an issue. After a long run is gets slightly warm.
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    Solarforce L2 + XML T6

    Its normal for dropins running over 2 amps or so to start getting warm to very warm. I have one at 3 amps that does what you discribe. Copper wrapping it was a great way to help move the heat out, but a small light with high current its going to get warm to very hot. Anything you can do it...
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    >> If Solarforce made a 26650 P60 host...

    Re: >> Solarforce, please make a 26650 P60 host Very much a fan of SolarForce and the 26650 battery. Would definitely find its way on my utility belt, as I now carry one in the 18650 format with a 2 amp dropin.
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    Solarforce L2M Info?

    IMR's are the most forgiving cell chemistry. Yes they do tend to charge a bit higher than the rest from lower internal resistance. I meter all my charged cells, most stop right at 4.20v except the IMR's they tend to stop at 4.22v. I do use dropins with cut offs so the lack of a overdischarge...
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    Solarforce L2M Info?

    I have a few L2M's and find them very useful. 18350 batteries or cr123a flexability, nearly any d26 dropin. Currently using the 3 mode, 3 amp XM-L U2 Intl-outdoor dropin with the A0001 head as my EDC powered by an 18350. With the supplied extension you're upto 18650 for longer run times...
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    Solarforce L2

    Re: Solarforce L2 stock amps draw on high mode ? I get 2 amp draw with an 18650 and 1.5 amps with 2 cr123a's. This is with a single mode 2.7v-9v model.
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    Solarforce XM-L U2 Drop-Ins?

    Update to this dropin. So far I've put 10 lights together with this dropin. On a charged 18650 I'm getting 2.06 - 1.95 amps with 1 doa.
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    Solarforce XM-L U2 Drop-Ins?

    It's a 2.7v-9v dropin. I've built a few with them on a 18650 it draws 2 amps on 2-cr123a it draws 1.55 amps, 2-18350's it draws 0.99 amps. Its a nice clean white, so far very happy with the newer dropins.
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    Solarforce M3 Announced (XM-L U2)

    Could someone please post the current on a single cell. I should have looked harder, I'm getting a bit senile.
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    Solarforce M3 Announced (XM-L U2)

    I think this one might just call for triple XM-L or quad XP-G. I think I need to order one to strip down.
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    Relative newb - XM-L craze ruins current variability of P60 drop-in choices?

    Great 1st post. P60 drop-ins have peaked somewhat until the next jump in technology. SolarForce is my perferred host; L2, L2m and L2t cover most of what I want in a host. As far as drop-ins the sky really is the limit. XM-L's are the current favorite, mine being the 3 mode 3 amp model from...
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    malfunctioning solarforce.

    I've had a few dropins that didn't. When droping into a SureFire I find leaving 1 coil on the outer spring of the module makes any flicker go away. On others host like Solar Force I sometimes have to press the module in without the head to see if it really fits. Outer springs while needed to...
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    Solarforce L2T - IPX Rating?

    I've had no bad luck with Lithium grease used in the right places. I use it only on the threads at the head. I seldom change out the pill and this grease is thick and heat resistant. I've had one grease heat up and travel across the lens, that was a pain to clean up. The Lithium grease I...
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    Solarforce L2T - IPX Rating?

    I read this thread when it first came out and I thought I'd do an experiment. I took a L2 and prepped it. On the led pill end I used white marine Lithium grease on the threads. Its thick and stays put, dosen't flow to the lens when it heats up. At the tail-cap side I use a little grease at...
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    what kind of led drop in does the SOLARFORCE L2T SS use?

    I've got a few of the intl-Outdoors dropins. 2 are at 3 amps and are very bright, the brightest xm-l's I own. Ones in a L2p and the other in a L2m they do get warm fast. They do cost a few dollars more but I think they are worth it. They do have a thermal safety I had one kick in after...
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    Solarforce L2 Aluminum Shell in Silver

    Not getting too fancy, the xp-g r5 give good light with a bit tighter beam than the XM-L. Cost about 15-20 dollars and running max about 1 amp with 3 modes from most venders. Cree XR-E Q5 gives even a tighter beam but usually runs at about half the power over the xp-g, also about 10-20 dollars.

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