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  1. Cypher_Aod

    Rugged Tritium Keychain?

    That's quite correct, and is presumably because they're entirely US-based where Tritium fobs are "illegal", but they sell a little kit that allows you to pop a tritium vial in nonetheless, which is what I did. Here it is on my quark;
  2. Cypher_Aod

    Rugged Tritium Keychain?

    I've been using a Tec Accessories S3 for about four years now - still looks perfect.
  3. Cypher_Aod

    Sold/Expired WTS: ! all sold ! High Power Nichia UV P60 Dropin with 501 Host > options available

    Re: WTS: ! open again ! High Power Nichia UV P60 Dropin with 501 Host > options ava Seconded!
  4. Cypher_Aod

    DQG SPY ?

    Just pointing out, my iCharger 106B+ goes from 50mA to 100mA in 10mA increments, and then all the way up to 10A in 100mA increments.
  5. Cypher_Aod

    Rechargeable options for 3-cell lights?

    17500s work just fine - I use them in my Streamlight TL-3 and in my L6 before I gutted it for modding. They're a 100% drop-in fit for 3 CR123as
  6. Cypher_Aod

    looking for 2x LiIon driver for 1 XM-L

    Hi all, I'm looking for a driver for a Surefire L6 that I'm modding, I'd like to run an XML2 at 2.8-3A in the L6 on 2x 17500 cells so I need it to be a buck driver that's optimized to run best on two cells and if possible, can run on a single LiIon or 3xCR123a for use in a pinch. The difficult...
  7. Cypher_Aod

    Object/Subject Review: ShiningBeam Caveman

    I've had a Caveman for over a year now, it still works absolutely perfectly with no issues whatsoever. A couple of days ago I got a Quark Tactical QTA so I can now confirm that the Quark parts and the Caveman are not intercompatible. The Quark parts and the Caveman parts cannot be legoed with...
  8. Cypher_Aod

    Quark AA2 S2 Failure

    Mmmmm, sounds about right I think. Good luck figuring out the driver too! :)
  9. Cypher_Aod

    Quark AA2 S2 Failure

    I'm not familiar with the specific driver design that 47s use, but given that the PWM modes (max, strobe and SOS) work but the current-regulated low-brightness modes don't, I'm more inclined to suggest that the microcontroller works fine but the current regulating part of the circuit has failed...
  10. Cypher_Aod

    Is there a light you won't sell?

    There's a difference between simply selling a light and selling a light for an improbably large amount of money. Since we're being realistic in this thread, I assumed the former.
  11. Cypher_Aod

    The Independent (UK) lists "The 10 Best Torches".

    While that's admittedly very true, most people just don't bother buying the shoddy lights in the first place and then complain when they're in the dark during powercuts :p
  12. Cypher_Aod

    First purchase 2014?

    A Foursevens Quark AA Tactical and a new NiMH charger as I'm giving my old Duracel CEF23 to my friend, as he's just purchased his first pack of eneloops to go in his Caveman and Fenix LD12, I'm so proud of him!
  13. Cypher_Aod

    Is there a light you won't sell?

    My first Surefire, a C2-HA. It's got a Nailbender HCRI dropin that makes it look like it's still running the P60, but just a little bit brighter. That light's been bashed and dropped and to four continents, from the Zambezi River to the scorching heat of Taiwan and Hong Kong. It's been...
  14. Cypher_Aod

    The Independent (UK) lists "The 10 Best Torches".

    Honestly, I'm not even joking about a 2 D-cell Maglite LED being $80 in a B&M store. Shockingly expensive.
  15. Cypher_Aod

    The Independent (UK) lists "The 10 Best Torches".

    The word you're looking for is probably "bloke" or "punter". Not much point putting a list together, getting anyone here to spend more than about £5 ($8) on a torch/flashlight is an exercise in utter futility, and in B&M stores, you're unlikely to find anything containing anything more modern...
  16. Cypher_Aod

    The Independent (UK) lists "The 10 Best Torches".

    You guys need to remember that the UK is almost allergic to the concepts of "preparedness" or "self reliance", so 99.999% of people will ask what's the point of having a torch when there are streetlights. I think the UK needs to have powercuts more frequently... People in the UK have simply...
  17. Cypher_Aod

    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Does anyone have a line on people modding L1s at the moment? I have a beautiful, pristine Gen.4 L1 that I bought from a police officer who visited my shop, as he found it insufficiently bright for his needs. I'd like to change the LED to something more modern, like an XP-G2, preferably while...
  18. Cypher_Aod

    16670 (exact 2xCR123A size) Li-Ion cell?

    I don't know if they're rejects, but the two that I bought have been working fine, without any issues since February last year.
  19. Cypher_Aod

    Batteries really matter

    The Panasonic 3400mAh cells are rated for 6.8A discharge, but that rating is simply the maximum safe discharge rate that the cells can handle. The CGR18650CH cells deliver more current because they have a substantially lower Internal Resistance, which corresponds with their much much higher...
  20. Cypher_Aod

    One M1-Abrams Tank with unlimited amo vs King Edward I of England. Who wins?

    You guys seem to have some severe misunderstandings as to the nature of the English Countryside and the way in which large-scale medieval warfare was typically conducted. The English countryside (which I am observing right now and have been for three hundred miles), for the very vast majority...

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