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    RIP Lighthound.

    I just found this out today, and it really sucks. I have done a lot of business through Lighthound. Now I will have to order my Solarforce stuff through Solarforce sales.
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    Olight M21x or 4Sevens 123^2 Turbo X ?

    I just got an M21X for's pretty sweet, also a M20s s2 that I have had for over a year that has been a great light. I also have a Fenix TA21 that has also been a great light....although it is quite dimmer than either Olight. I would pick the Olight just from my experience...
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    Who makes the highest quality 18650s?

    Been having a problem with my Tenergys holding a charge. Please tell me there is something better.
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    New to the forum...need a driver

    I have a Thrunite P60 XML drop in that I would like to increase the output. Right now from what I understand it is only driven at 1.5 amps (460lm). Do you offer a step up that would increase this to around 2.5 amps (I don't want to drive it too hard) that will run off 18650 or cr123 batts? I...
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    I have a few questions about mods I would like to do.

    I have an L2P that I would like to upgrade from my R5 XPG. I have a Truenite XML single mode drop in on the way. Since my order, I have decided that I want more than the advertised output of 460lm. What ampage controller would I have to get to push this drop in to 600lm? Would this be in the...
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    Best & Brightest Tactical Light?

    I don't know about that. I have had a Fenix TA21 that has seen much more abuse than any light should. Just to prove a point to a friend (who was another Surefire die hard) Iv'e thrown it up in the air as far as I could, just land on a concrete slab, (try that with a G2) I have spiked it off a...
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    What new flashlights are you planning on getting for the new 2012 year?

    Olight m31 triton Klarus XT11 Solarforce mpp1 and 2 Jetbeam raptor RRT-3 Eagle tac T20C2
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    Choosing my first Taclight

    +1 for the Olight M20S, You most defiantly wont be disappointed. I would not buy a Surefire (they are truly one of those companies that you are paying more for the name than anything...well, at least it defiantly isn't features, brightness, or reliability) I have two of them...and let me just...
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    Best & Brightest Tactical Light?

    I personally believe that Surefire....while they are nice lights, it's been my exp. they are way overpriced for what you get. You can take an L2P, a p60 drop-in, pot it, and build a comparable weapon light at a fraction of the cost. I have a Surefire G2, a 6P, a Fenix TA21, a SF L2P, an Olight...
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    So. anything good for christmas?

    I got an Olight M21X from my girlfriend....she's awesome!
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    What's your favorite gun mounted light aside from Surefire/Streamlight?

    That would have to be my Olight M20S, Or is it the M21X....I don't know I love them both.
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    solarforce or truenite?

    Hello, I am upgrading my L2P weapon light from an r5 to an xml. I want it bright, but not so hot its gonna burn up. I also would really like it to be regulated well. What do you think?
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    Olight M20 XM-L Upgrade Module (U2, 1x18650/2xCR123A) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS+

    I have an Olight m20s with an s2 340 lumen. Would this upgrade be worth the money in my case? Would I get any more throw, better beam, etc.

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