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  1. davidt

    I need a "Wall Of Light"!

    Sorry I don't really have any way to test if brightness is less with CR123 vs 18650. I have not observed any difference in brightness when using CR123 vs 18650. I believe the light is designed to run in full brightness with either primaries or 18650. I have never seen it mentioned anywhere that...
  2. davidt

    I need a "Wall Of Light"!

    Yep, xamoel the Wolf eyes thunder can take CR123s. I'm running mine on cr123s right now.
  3. davidt


    I think I may have a way to compare OTF lumens to ANSI lumens. 4sevens says there is a 7 percent increase in lumens going from R5 to S2. The Maelstrom G5 S2 wasn't measured using ANSI method (at least it wasn't mentioned). Switching from R5 to S2 led increases the lumens from 350 OTF to 375...
  4. davidt

    I need a "Wall Of Light"!

    How about the wolf eyes thunder, I consider it to be quite floody. -It can take primaries or 18650s. -You can purchase it with either 1 mode high only, 2 mode high and low, 4 mode high, medium, low, stobe. Low mode is advertised to run 75 hours. -855 claimed emitter lumens, using 3 R2 leds. On...
  5. davidt

    wolfeyes superstorm II, dereelight dbs v3 mce + sst-50 and m30 comparison review

    That wolfeyes is incredible. Clearly brighter than the others.
  6. davidt

    The whine top 10

    My Wolf-Eyes Thunder R2 does the exact same thing.
  7. davidt

    Fenix TK45 Review and suggestions

    I'd would love it if the TK45 were able to take lithium energizers. Did you by any chance run the light on energizer lithiums?
  8. davidt

    New Dereelight DBS V3 - Cloudy Lense

    Looks like the cloudy lens is more common then I thought. I just got a DBS V3 MC-E warm today and the lens is ugly :sick2:. It actually has brown spots! The output is already good. I hope the output will be great when I get a new lens.
  9. davidt

    Dereelight DBS SST-50 battery questions (newbie here)

    I believe it is 2.5 amp. According to flashlightconnection.
  10. davidt

    Flashlights you have bought this month? 3/2010

    Purchased a Wolf-Eyes M90 Rattlesnake in February, they were out of stock, but finally got it today. Already ordered a fivemega 2X18650 body to use with a surefire turbo head.
  11. davidt

    2/3A ni-MH 900mah 4.8v. battery.

    There isn't a combination of 18650s, or 123s rechargeables that will allow you to run the bulb without blowing it. But you can get a custom 4.8V nimh pack built. Go here: and you can get some custom packs built. I've had some custom...
  12. davidt

    X-Raying the Fenix TA-21 A Look Inside

    Oh wow, thanks a lot. I always wanted to know how the internals of the fenix control ring worked.
  13. davidt

    Surefire’s 2010 New Lights Discussion

    Re: Surefire’s 2010 New Lights Discussion I don't think anybody has noticed yet, but the Surefire 2010 tactical catalog has been posted on Surefire's website.
  14. davidt

    the Mega 100 Led flashlight - get ready...

    I think here is the same model being reviewed: Wouldn't it be cheaper to use just a single older bin led, like a Cree P4. By using a single led you would save on material costs. No need for such a large head. Plus less labor to wire 1...
  15. davidt

    Why is it called a flashlight?

    Do any other Americans on this board think the term "torch" seem to make more sense than "flashlight". I sure think the term torch makes more sense than flashlight.
  16. davidt

    Ordered TK11 R2, but received TK11, should I care?

    I believe there is one difference between the TK11 vs TK11 R2 version beside the lumen difference. The R2 version is regulated on a 18650 battery while the non R2 version is not. I may be wrong so don't take my word for it. Before you go through the trouble of returning the light, go to this...
  17. davidt

    what was your last light bought in 09? mine was...

    Wolf-eyes Thunder R2.
  18. davidt

    Inova X03

    By better do you mean which model has more output? This I am not sure of. But the K2 leds tend to have better light quality than P4s if that is what you are interested in. All I can tell you is the model that has the lumens rating on the package is the newest version versus the model with...
  19. davidt

    Inova X03

    The one with 135 lumens is the newest model. Inova use to rate their models using watts and have recently changed to using lumens. For example the newest X1 model is rated at 25 lumens but the older X1 versions i believe were rated at 2 watts. The round led you are referring to is a Seoul P4...
  20. davidt

    Wolf Eyes Ak6

    So how's the UI on other wolfeyes flashlights?

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