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    Li-ion Power tool batteries

    I've got a Porter Cable drill battery that's dead, my question is do they usually have a BMS inside them? Kinda thinking of taking it apart and replace the li-ion cells inside it. How else would the cells charge evenly on the charger?
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    Are "Eneloop lite" no longer available?

    They seem like the best batteries for outdoor solar lights with the very high cycle rating (5000) but I'm not really finding them available. I do have a bunch of whites, but for solar application a higher cycle and maybe easier to charge battery would be better. I really see (Amazon) only a 2...
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    A new Lithium ion hybrid for cold?

    I know extreme cold is not a li-ion batteries best friend but I just saw a Nitecore 18650 battery model NL1829RLTP 2900mah 5A that says it's specially designed for cold and it can power up devices in temperatures down to -40F. Is anyone familiar with this battery? A new hybrid chemistry perhaps...
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    Question for Olight on Warrior X Pro

    This light looks quite interesting but I would like to know if the Warrior X Pro will be able to use other non Olight batteries to run the light and can this light charge other batteries in the light via the Olight magnetic charging cable?
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    How many ladies do we have here @ CPF?

    Oh yeah, I know there are a whole lotta guys here on CPF, and I think guys are more attracted to tools and gadgets (in our dna) survival kinda thing. I'm easily entertained by bright shiny things:ooo: . I get more weird looks from women trying to understand the whole "flashlight" thing then...
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    Any stand out solar lights recommended?

    Most of the solar lights I see in stores or online for that matter seem very cheaply made, are there any solar lights that you've come across that seemed to have a pretty good build quality and performance. Beit path lighting/pole lighting/security lighting/flood lights... I would like to get...
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    Has anybody heard from Pflex pro?

    Has Anyone talked to Randy @ Pflex pro? I know he was going to be working on a large contract order and his site was shut down way back, I think early march of this year, just wondering if there are any updates for Pflex pro? Kinda getting a hankering for a new light.
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    Maglite XL50 Mods??

    I have an old Maglite XL50 that I've had for a long time and haven't used it for a long time too. The beam is terrible and it uses the goofy 3xAAA holder, how does the reflector and plastic lens come out of the head of this thing? I was thinking of maybe doing a clear coat orange peel spray to...
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    Battery run time question (1 cell vs 2 cells)

    Batteries in parallel will double capacity and batteries in series will double the voltage, that being said I've read where some flashlights you can use a battery tube that has 1 battery or a longer tube with 2 batteries. Does the flashlight run any longer with the 2 batteries in series? Some...
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    Any dropins for the Elzetta AVS head?

    I'd like to see some dropins modules for Elzetta's AVS head with working voltage range more inline with single cell lithium ions. Please Malkoff or Pflexpro come up with some AVS head dropins. I've been running the Bravo on a KeepPower 16650 2500mah, fits perfect and 2500mah is about what...
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    Source for Maglite OP reflectors???

    I've been looking but I haven't been able to find a vendor or any sources that have orange peel reflectors for sale for Maglite. I have a few old Mags I wouldn't mind fixing up and the OP reflectors are one thing the Maglites could use. And a Malkoff dropin of course :grin2: . Anyone know of a...
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    I hope your Memorial Day weekend is going well. And some good sales today too!

    Just hit the buy button on a few small lights from Going Gear. A good sale today through Monday 5-30-16 with coupon for 20% off + free shipping on orders over $49.00. On the way is an Olight s1 Baton + sheath, Olight i3e silver, purple, and black + a free keychain light. I already like my s10...
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    Any potted lights out there by Olight,Fenix,Thrunite,Nitecore,etc...

    To me that would be something I would be willing to pay the bump in price to get that next level of durability, and It's not something I see at all from many of these names in the flashlight market, mostly the China made lights. I see some U.S. companies with potted electronics like Surefire...
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    Does anyone know if Elzetta sells parts like a tailcap switch...

    I don't need the whole tail cap that they sell, just the switch & rubber boot. No one there today to get an answer so thought I'd check here. Thanks.
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    Is it the light or battery problem? OLightS10

    Just joined up here @CPF, hello all! I'm trying to figure out if there is a problem with my OLight S10. It takes CR/RCR123 cells and seems to work OK on all but the highest output (400lm), on high it runs for about 45 seconds then starts to blink very fast like it's not getting enough power from...